Top 12 Best Cheapest Nursing Schools in Texas

Are you devoted to providing medical care and supporting others? Would you like to work in one of Texas’ most important career fields? Do you wish to take care of patients while traveling the world or working in a hospital, clinic, or private company? You can develop as a nurse to the fullest extent by attending any of the cheapest nursing schools in Texas.

In this article, you will learn about the cheapest nursing schools in Texas for both domestic and foreign students, Texas is one of the largest US states and one of the states with the greatest proportion of RNs in employment.

The nursing schools mentioned in this article provide a variety of nursing programs that will help you enhance your nursing career at a reasonable cost and become a licensed professional or registered nurse.

Texas nursing programs provide part-time and full-time choices with flexible scheduling, enabling students to match their studies with other obligations. Those who must work while getting their nursing degree may find this flexibility to be especially helpful.

Texas’s private nursing schools are typically more expensive than Texas’ public nursing schools. Private schools frequently charge higher tuition fees because of a variety of variables, including more specialized programs, lower class sizes, and more amenities or resources.

The majority of the schools listed below with inexpensive tuition prices fall under public institutions, even while public schools, on the other hand, receive assistance from the state government, which helps keep their tuition rates relatively lower.

The cost of education in Texas might also vary depending on criteria including residency status and program type. To help students cover the cost of nursing education in Texas, several institutions provide financial aid, scholarships, and grants.

Knowing the best universities with affordable nursing programs can be difficult and frustrating, which is why we have put up a list of the most affordable nursing schools in Texas for you.

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Top 12 Cheapest Nursing Schools in Texas

The most accommodating learning environment is found in Texas. For students to excel academically and professionally, they create resources including tutoring services, study groups, and career assistance.

Prioritizing recognized programs that satisfy the required educational standards and give you a strong foundation for your nursing career should be your first priority when looking for the cheapest nursing schools in Texas.

Below are the top 12 cheapest nursing schools in Texas to enroll in today!

  • University of Central Oklahoma
  • Tarleton State University
  • Texas Woman’s University
  • UT Tyler
  • Lamar University
  • Wayland Baptist University
  • Southwestern Adventist University
  • West Texas A&M University
  • Midwestern State University
  • Angelo State University
  • Rogers State University
  • Northwestern Oklahoma State University

#1. University of Central Oklahoma

The nursing department of the University of Central Oklahoma is one of the best in Texas, this university is over 50 years old but is still providing quality education and healthcare services.

The university, known as UCO, has produced a sizable number of highly qualified nurses who care for patients in the majority of healthcare facilities in Oklahoma and Texas as a whole. The Oklahoma State Board of Nursing has recognized the nursing school’s programs, and it is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

The nursing school provides both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree program in nursing that enables students to satisfy the demand for nursing services at all levels in Oklahoma, while also preparing them to be leaders in the field.

The University of Central Oklahoma School of Nursing is the best choice for you if you’re interested in both traditional and nontraditional programs because it provides both to help students who want to pursue a career in nursing or further their nursing education.

Graduates of the University of Central Oklahoma are eligible to write the National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX) for registered nurses. Their nursing degree programs include

  • Traditional Nursing Program, B.S
  • Fast Track B.S
  • Online M.S in Nursing
  • Online RN to B.S in Nursing Track

Estimated Tuition: $3,456

#2. Tarleton State University

Tarleton School of Nursing offers undergraduate and graduate nursing programs designed for individuals at different levels and interests.

The goal of this school’s nursing department is to help students develop the knowledge, abilities, and attitudes needed for professional nursing jobs, ethical citizenship, and leadership.

The only degrees offered are the BSN and MSN in nursing or bachelor of science in nursing. Both Tarleton State University’s undergraduate and master’s degree programs in nursing are recognized by the Texas Board of Nursing and the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

The RN to BSN program offered at Tarleton State University can be completed in just 10 to 15 months. It is among the cheapest nursing schools in Texas for domestic and international students.

Estimated Tuition:$3,983

#3. Texas Woman’s University

Texas Woman’s University is one of the cheapest nursing schools in Texas. TWU’s nursing programs assist students in becoming the best versions of themselves necessary to provide excellent patient care.

The Denton campus, the Dallas campus, and the Houston campus of Texas Woman’s University provide students studying nursing the chance to become a part of a network of healthcare professionals.

The nursing programs offered at TWU include a baccalaureate degree program in nursing, a Masters’s degree program in nursing, and a Doctor of Nursing Practice program. These programs are accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

TWU also offers a post-graduate APRN certificate program which is still pursuing initial accreditation by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education as at the time this article was written.

Men and women who meet the requirements can apply to Texas Women’s University, which is situated in Houston, Texas’s medical center and museum district.

Estimated Tuition: $3,648

#4. UT Tyler

The University of Texas at Tyler School of Nursing is one of the cheapest nursing schools in Texas for domestic and international students.

The mission of this school is to empower students to excel in healthcare services as nurse clinicians, leaders, and scholars in a caring, learner-centered, and strength-based environment.

They offer three BSN undergraduate programs and many graduate nursing degrees. Some of the positions you will occupy in society as a graduate of UT Tyler include being either a generalist, educator, researcher, administrator, advanced practitioner, nurse leader, or nurse scientist.

Graduates of the University of Texas at Tyler are doing great in Texas and across the globe as executive officers of large healthcare institutions, advanced practitioners, educators in universities and colleges, and consultants in rural and government agencies as well as urban medical centers.

Undergraduate degree programs in nursing include BSN, Associate Degree RN to RSN, and Concurrent ADN-BSN while their graduate degree program in nursing includes MSN/Master of Business Administration, MSN-Nursing Education, MSN-Nursing Administration, MSN Family Nurse Practitioner, MSN-Informatics, Quality, & Safety, MSN Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner, Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP), BSN to Ph.D., MSN to Ph.D.

They also offer certificate programs in nursing which include Post Bachelor’s Nursing Informatics, Quality and Safety certificate, MSN-Education certificate, MSN-Administration certificate, Post-MSN Family Nurse Practitioner certificate, post -MSN.

Estimated Tuition: $3,744

#5. Lamar University

Lamar University School of Nursing is the fifth school on our list of the cheapest nursing schools in Texas.

The four-year Bachelor of Science in Nursing program is created to provide professional nurses with the skills necessary to satisfy local and national healthcare requirements and to take on leadership roles.

In addition to providing care to individuals, families, aggregates, communities, and societies within the context of their environments, nursing graduates from this school are equipped to practice in structured, unstructured, and dynamic healthcare environments.

Estimated Tuition: $4,547

#6. Wayland Baptist University

WBU School of Nursing is among the cheapest nursing schools in Texas, with a mission to educate students in a Christian environment.

If you are interested in studying nursing in Texas without emptying your pocket, Wayland Baptist University is a highly recommendable school for you whether you are an international or domestic student.

This school train and prepare students to be able to provide holistic nursing care at both beginning and advanced practice levels in a diverse healthcare world. Graduates produced by Wayland Baptist University are highly committed to providing evidence-based patient care, teaching, service, and outreach.

They have a low faculty-student ratio, small class sizes, state-of-the-art labs, and high-fidelity simulation rooms which bring students one step closer to achieving their academic and professional dreams. 

The faculty of nursing is dedicated to student success and ready to help students to succeed both academically and professionally.

Estimated Tuition: $3,144

#7. Southwestern Adventist University

SWAU is among the cheapest nursing schools in Texas, This university is a noble university in Texas, and its programs are handled by highly skilled, learned, and qualified professionals.

Whether you are applying for the first time or you are an associate degree RN looking forward to advancing your academics in the field of nursing and earning your BS, Southwestern Adventist University is just the right choice for you!

This university’s school of nursing has everything to make your academic dreams come through, they have small class sizes, individualized support from compassionate professors, a state-of-the-art facility, excellent clinical opportunities, and a Christian environment.

When it comes to helping students develop comprehensive patient assessment skills and clinical judgment, SWAU is a leading university.

Programs offered at SWAU include B.S Nursing, LVN to BS Nursing, and RN to BS Nursing.

Estimated Tuition: $3,000

#8. West Texas A&M University

This university’s nursing program, which is offered to both domestic and international students, is one of the cheapest nursing schools in Texas. It is located at Canyon University.

The mission of this school’s Department of Nursing is to be a student-centered learning community dedicated to developing professional and academic programs that engage students while providing them with high-quality nursing services and scholarships.

Undergraduate nursing programs offered at West Texas A&M University include Pre-Licensure BSN, and RN to BSN (licensed RNs). Graduate programs include Master of Science in Nursing (MSN) and Family Nurse Practitioner MSN.

Estimated Tuition: $4,831

#9. Midwestern State University

The ninth institution on our list of the cheapest nursing schools in Texas is the Midwestern State University School of Nursing.

This prestigious university offers a baccalaureate degree in nursing (BSN) prelicensure program which is designed for students who want to enter the profession of nursing and those without an RN license.

Graduates of this program are eligible to take the licensure examination (NCLEX) to become fully registered nurses.

The undergraduate curriculum at Midwestern State University provides a foundation for understating physiological, psychosocial, political, and economic factors that may affect one’s health.

The courses prepare BSN graduates on how to manage a variety of complex environments in other to enhance the optimal health of individuals and the community at large.

Estimated Tuition: $3,634

#10. Angelo State University

Angelo State University offers a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Generic Option, a Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) Second Degree Option, and a Master of Science in Nursing.

It’s nursing program is one of Texas’ most vibrant and one of the cheapest nursing schools in Texas available to both domestic and international students.

Angelo State University’s Department of Nursing program is an award-winning nursing program with a 92% NCLEX pass rate. The university is located in San Angelo, Texas.

Estimated Tuition: $4,093

#11. Rogers State University

One of Texas’s least expensive nursing schools is Roger State University. This Oklahoman institution, which is northeast of Tulsa, has produced nurses for more than 40 years.

Roger School of Nursing prepares students to work in hospitals, clinics, and private companies effectively, this BSN program and resources help students to reach their full potential as a nurse.

Their well-equipped learning environment and knowledgeable professors will aid you in succeeding both academically and professionally through demanding coursework meant to help you become a well-rounded, sympathetic nurse.

Rogers state university’s BSN program is approved by the Oklahoma Board of Nursing and accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN). As a nursing student, you will have access to labs and training centers that are equipped with up-to-date healthcare equipment.

Foundational coursework offered to students includes humanities, sciences, social and behavioral sciences, and global studies to help them develop a well-rounded perspective of the world and humanity. It is a prestigious nursing school in Texas.

Estimated Tuition: $3,228

#12. Northwestern Oklahoma State University

This is one of the best universities in Texas, their nursing school is one of the most affordable nursing schools in Texas for domestic and international students. Nursing degrees offered include BSN and RN to BSN programs.

Their BSN program is also accredited by the Accreditation Commission for Education in Nursing, Inc. (ACEN), and is approved by the Oklahoma Board of Nursing (OBN), making Northwestern Oklahoma University’s nursing program one of the best in the state in terms of NCLEX pass rates.

While the BSN to DNP program is fully accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education. The programs they offer include a BSN program, Online RN to BSN program, and BSN to DNP program.

Estimated Tuition: $2,985

What are the unique challenges faced by nurses in rural areas of Texas?

Some of the unique challenges faced by nurses in rural areas of Texas include limited access to healthcare facilities, scarcity of specialized services, longer commute times, and difficulties in recruiting and retaining healthcare professionals.

How does Texas compare to other states in terms of nurse-patient ratios and how does it impact patient care outcomes?

Texas does not currently have legislated nurse-patient ratios. However, research suggests that lower nurse-patient ratios generally result in improved patient outcomes, including reduced mortality rates and shorter hospital stays.

What strategies are being implemented in Texas to address the shortage of nursing faculty and ensure an adequate supply of qualified educators?

Some of the strategies include offering loan forgiveness programs, creating incentives for advanced education, and providing professional development opportunities for current faculty members.

How does the prevalence of chronic diseases in Texas impact the role of nurses and the healthcare system as a whole?

The high prevalence of chronic diseases in Texas, such as diabetes and cardiovascular conditions, places increased demands on nurses. They play a crucial role in disease management, patient education, and coordinating care across multiple healthcare settings.

What research is being conducted in Texas to explore the effectiveness of telehealth and its integration into nursing practice?

Research in Texas is exploring the effectiveness of telehealth in various nursing specialties, including teletriage, telemonitoring, and telepsychiatry. The goal is to expand access to healthcare, especially in underserved areas, and improve patient outcomes.

What specific cultural considerations and diversity-related challenges do nurses encounter in providing healthcare to the diverse population of Texas?

Texas’s diverse population poses cultural considerations for nurses, including language barriers, health beliefs, and understanding of cultural norms. Nurses may have to adapt their care to respect and accommodate the cultural backgrounds of their patients.

What initiatives are in place in Texas to promote and support the mental health and well-being of nurses, particularly in high-stress environments?

Initiatives in Texas are promoting the mental health and well-being of nurses, such as providing mental health resources, implementing stress reduction programs, and encouraging self-care practices to address the high-stress nature of nursing work.

How does Texas prioritize nursing education and professional development opportunities to ensure nurses stay updated with the latest advancements in healthcare?

Texas prioritizes nursing education by offering scholarships, grants, and loan forgiveness programs for aspiring nurses. Continuing education opportunities are also available to ensure nurses stay updated with the latest advancements in healthcare.

What measures are being taken in Texas to address health disparities among underserved communities and how are nurses playing a role in bridging the gap?

Measures to address health disparities in Texas include increasing access to care in underserved communities, implementing community health programs, and expanding the role of nurses in preventive care and health promotion.

How is technology, such as electronic health records and artificial intelligence, being utilized in nursing practice in Texas and what impact does it have on patient care and nurse workflow?

Technology, including electronic health records and artificial intelligence, is increasingly utilized in nursing practice in Texas. These technologies enhance efficiency, accuracy, and communication among healthcare providers, leading to improved patient care and streamlined workflows.

Do cheaper nursing schools offer the same level of clinical training and hands-on experience?

Cost-effective nursing schools may have different resources, they often provide clinical training and hands-on experience to ensure students gain the necessary skills for their future careers.

Can attending a cheaper nursing school impact my job prospects or future earning potential?

Employers often prioritize candidates who have graduated from accredited nursing programs and have successfully passed the NCLEX examination, it is the skill and knowledge that you acquired during your nursing program that plays a significant role not the school attended.

Are there any scholarships or financial aid options available specifically for nursing students?

Many nursing schools offer scholarships, grants, or financial aid packages for eligible students. Additionally, external organizations and foundations may provide scholarships specifically for nursing students. Researching and applying for these opportunities can help offset the costs of nursing education.


To pursue your undergraduate degree or Masters degree in nursing in Texas, visit the school’s official website to know more about the school’s facilities, resources, and student support services, as these factors can significantly impact your learning experience and future success.

Cheaper schools that prioritize student well-being and provide robust support systems can enhance your overall educational journey.

While a cheaper nursing program may save you money in the short term, it is crucial to evaluate the program’s success rate in terms of licensure exam pass rates, job placement rates, and alumni achievements before applying.


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