10 Best Art Programs in the World 2024

Have you ever wondered which art course is the best in the world to study? This article will introduce you to the best art programs in the world, which you can study at a university and then find work in any part of the country after graduation.

These art programs are internationally recognized as the best university courses to study. Graduates of this course find it easy to find work after graduation.

What is an art program?

This is a course of study or an academic program that focuses on various aspects of the arts such as visual arts, digital arts, and performing arts. Art history, theory, and criticism; drawing, painting, and sculpture; graphic design, digital art, and animation; photography, film, and video production; theater, dance, and performance art; and other subjects are covered in these programs.

Top 10 Best art Programs in the World to Study at the University

  1. Law
  2. International Relation
  3. Music
  4. Psychology
  5. English Language
  6. Theater Arts
  7. Political Science
  8. Mass Communication
  9. Linguistic
  10. Fine Art and Design


Law is without a doubt one of the best art courses in the world; it is a very popular course of study at universities, not only as a popular art course but also as a very interesting and lucrative course.

This course is not a pure art course but if you are good at art subjects during your secondary school education, you can consider taking up this course at the university.

Lawyers tackle most of the problems in society that often looks seemingly irresolvable, studying this course at the university will be one of the best decision of your life as an art student as the course will introduce you to many opportunities while widening your knowledge about life.

Graduates of law or legal studies all over the world earn high salaries, that is because lawyers are in high demand in almost all parts of the world. They earn an average salary of 250,000 NGN monthly in Nigeria and earn higher in more developed countries such as US, Uk, and others.

What are the different types of law degrees?

There are different degrees and specializations when it comes to the study of law, some of the specializations include; constitutional law, criminal law, environmental law, business law, and health care law. intellectual property law, admiralty, etc. you can specialize in any of the branches of law listed above which must be in line with your interest and capability, Below are the different types of law degrees anyone can acquire from the university;

  • Juris Doctor or Bachelor of Law
  • Master of Laws
  • Doctor of Juridical Science
  • Master of Legal Studies
  • Master of Dispute Resolution

Which of the law degrees is the highest?

The highest degree you can acquire as a lawyer is the doctor of juridical science (SJD).


This course is the second on our list of best art courses in the world, if you have an interest in becoming an ambassador of a nation in foreign matters, this course is the best for you.

Studying this course can be an enriching and rewarding experience that can lead to a fulfilling career and personal growth because it offers many benefits and opportunities.

With this course, you will gain a deeper understanding of global issues, opportunities in government, nongovernmental organizations, journalism, academia, international organizations, and many other opportunities.

People in this field earn a very high income monthly and all their living expenses are been covered by the government, they are regarded as government property.

The average salary of an international relation graduate is over 300,000 NGN per month and a higher salary in a more developed country.

International Relations highest paying jobs in the world

  • Intelligence Analyst
  • Communication Officer
  • Lobbyist
  • Political Analyst
  • Diplomat
  • Economists
  • International Development Consultant
  • Immigration Specialist


Music is among the best art course you can study, it is a high-income course designed for people who wants to acquire advanced knowledge of music in other to beat the local musicians.

Graduates of this art course who are not interested in singing can also earn millions by being music coaches, they will be paid to teach others music.

You can earn as a performer, music producer, music teacher, composer, music therapist, music industry executive, and music journalist.

The average salary of a musician in Nigeria monthly is above 300,000 NGN and most people in the field earn a higher amount because it is more likely to be a self-employed job.


This is one of the best top paying art courses in the world today, psychologist study human and animal behavior with their minds included.

This course is fascinating and has a wide range of applications that involves improving mental health to optimizing human performance in various fields.

If you are interested in this course, go ahead and pursue a degree in it because a career in psychology can be an incredibly rewarding path to pursue.

There are many specializations in psychology which include; clinical psychology, educational psychology, forensic psychology, counseling psychology, and industrial-organizational psychology, all these specializations offer a unique set of skills as well as knowledge that can be applied to different settings.

As a psychologist, you can work in private practice, hospitals, clinics, and other mental health facilities in the community. You can work as a clinical psychologist, educational psychologist, counseling psychologist, forensic psychologist, industrial-organizational psychologist, etc.

The average salary of a psychologist is €4,242 a month, in some well-developed/advanced countries, you can earn a higher amount. Start your career journey as a future psychologist today.


The English Language is among the best art courses anyone can study in a university, it is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, and its importance in global communication cannot be overstated. For this reason, studying English is an essential skill for anyone who wants to succeed in the modern world.

The study of the English Language covers a range of topics, including grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, reading, writing, and listening comprehension.

Studying the English Language can help you improve your career prospects, it is a critical skill in many industries especially those with international focus such as technology, finance, and tourism which makes it a very highly demanding course in society today.

In developed countries, English graduates earn a huge amount of money through teaching the English language in colleges and universities, because the language is one of the most spoken languages in the world and most learning institutions in the world might not stand without an English teacher.

One good thing about this course is that you do not spend much time studying it at the university, it is one of the shortest programs in the university one can think of with employment opportunities for every graduate of the course.


This is one of the most beautiful art courses in the world. Theatre art is very interesting and rewarding, it allows individuals to express their creativity and passion for the performing arts.

A career in this course is pretty much amazing because it covers a wide range of opportunities for those who are dedicated to their craft. Those who studied this course are rewarded with the satisfaction of knowing that they are bringing joy and entertainment to the industry and audiences.

A theatre art career course can also lead to a variety of opportunities for personal and professional growth. Those who work in theatre are constantly learning and growing, as they collaborate with others to create new and exciting productions.

Whether it is through workshops, classes, or simply working with other professionals in the field, the theatre art career course is a path that allows individuals to continually expand their knowledge and skills.


Political science is among the lucrative art courses one can study in the university, the course is fascinating and versatile in the way it explores the political systems and institutions around the world.

This course is a combination of the study of philosophy, history, sociology, economics, and law, it analysis the way societies govern themselves and make decisions that affect the lives of the citizens.

Graduates of this course known as political scientists can work in any government office as an adviser to the government, they can also pursue a wide range of careers in business, non-profit organizations, education, law, and media.

Political science is a nice art course because it provides students with a global perspective on politics. The program typically includes courses on comparative politics, international relations, and global governance, which expose students to different political systems and cultures around the world.

Students learn about the ways in which political institutions and practices vary across different regions and countries, and they develop an appreciation for the diversity of political experiences and perspectives, It is definitely one of the best art courses in the world anyone can study in the university.


This is one of the best art courses anyone can study at the university, it is a dynamic and multifaceted field of study that encompasses the production, distribution, and consumption of information across the various media platforms in the world.

This course includes; journalism, public relations, advertising broadcasting, digital media, and other informational courses. The course provides students with numerous opportunities for creativity, innovation, and social impact.

The course is constantly evolving and adapting to new technologies and trends, it is highly demanding in today’s society due to the rise of digital media, social media, and mobile devices.

People in this field must be versatile and innovative in their approaches to storytelling and audience engagement, they navigate complex ethical and legal issues related to privacy, intellectual property, and freedom of expression. It is also a highly rewarding course.


This is another lucrative art course in the world with many job opportunities in the world today that deals with language and its structure, meaning, and use. It is considered one of the best art courses in the world due to its interdisciplinary nature, relevance, and numerous career opportunities it offers.

This course intercepts with various areas of study, including psychology, anthropology, computer science, and philosophy, studying this course will give you a piece of general knowledge of different languages around the world, and you will get to communicate with different people that speak different languages around the world.

Linguistics is one of the highest sought-after art courses in the world today, graduates of this course get to work with international businessmen, airports, and other organizations that carry out international activities for easy communication.


The world of Fine Arts and Design is a fascinating and diverse field that encompasses a wide range of disciplines, including painting, sculpture, graphic design, fashion design, architecture, and many more.

Pursuing a career in Fine Arts and Design can be both challenging and rewarding, offering endless possibilities for creative expression and professional growth.

A career in Fine Arts and Design is the opportunity to channel one’s creativity and passion into a tangible and meaningful form of expression. Artists and designers are able to transform their ideas and inspirations into visual or tactile masterpieces, whether it be a painting, a building, or a fashion collection. This process requires a keen eye for aesthetics, a strong sense of composition and design, and a deep understanding of materials and techniques.

Fine art and design graduates have the ability to work in a variety of settings and environments, they can also work on their own as independent contractors or even as part of industries because this course versatility allows for a diverse range of job opportunities, from freelance work to full-time positions in design firms, advertising agencies, museums, galleries, and other creative industries.

A career in this course is highly competitive but at the same time fulfilling and rewarding, which is more reason why you should consider pursuing a degree in fine arts and design.

Top 10 best art workshops in the world

  • Dribble
  • Behance
  • Deviant Art
  • Art Station
  • Art Renewal Center
  • CGSociety
  • Concept Art World
  • Fine Art Connoisseur
  • Artfinder
  • Artlex

Best online art classes and courses in the world

  • Aaron Blaise’s online art classes
  • Vitruvian Studio online art classes
  • Pencil kings online art classes
  • New masters academy online art classes
  • 21-Draw online art classes
  • CGMA online classes
  • Gnomon workshop online classes
  • Digital painting studio online art classes
  • Paintable online art classes
  • Proko online art classes

Which school is the best for art courses in the world?

Below are the top 15 schools in the world that offer quality art courses to students from different parts of the world;

  • Yale School of Art, USA
  • California Institute of the Arts, USA
  • Parsons School of Design, USA
  • Goldsmiths, University of London, UK
  • Tokyo University of the Arts, Japan
  • École des Beaux-Arts, France
  • Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp, Belgium
  • Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, Germany
  • University of the Arts Helsinki, Finland
  • Bezalel Academy of Arts and Design, Israel
  • University of the Arts London, UK
  • School of the Art Institute of Chicago, USA
  • Central Saint Martins, UK
  • Rhode Island School of Design, USA
  • Royal College of Art, UK


From traditional fine arts to digital media, there is no shortage of art courses available for individuals looking to take their creativity to the next level. The courses mentioned in this article represent some of the best in the world, each offering unique perspectives and techniques for aspiring artists.

Whether you are seeking a formal education or simply looking to improve your craft as a kid or adult, the courses on this list are sure to inspire and challenge you. Remember, the beauty of art lies not only in the final product but in the journey of creation itself. So, take a chance, follow your passion, and let these courses guide you toward your fullest artistic potential.


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