10 Best Free Online Makeup Courses with Certificate 2024

Are you interested in beauty and cosmetics? Do you want to be a world-class makeup artist but need more ways to advance your knowledge in this career?

In this article, you will get to know some of the free online makeup courses with certificates where you can sign up for one of the best free makeup class courses with certificates without encountering any challenges.

Beauty is one of the things ladies, teens, young adults, and even the aging don’t joke about because it makes them look more beautiful and attractive which makes cosmetics one of the best-selling products in the world.

No one wishes to look ugly for events and occasions or appear in movie series and other entertainment platforms looking ugly, everyone wishes to get a makeover from the best makeup artist in town which will turn them into a cute and beautiful princess with colors that is why makeup artists are in high demand.

Completion of these online courses listed below will help you to get a better knowledge of beauty and cosmetics and also you will receive a diploma indicating you completed this course online, read through below to find out the best free online makeup courses with certificates you can apply for.

Who is a makeup artist?

A cosmetology professional that designs and recreates looks and designs using cosmetology products such as foundation, bronzer, body paint, mascara, and other cosmetic products is known and addressed as a makeup artist.

Makeup artist gives people/celebrants the best facial looks for events, glamorous looks for entertainment, films, televisions, theater, and classic events.

How much does a makeup artist earn a year?

The particular amount makeup professionals earn is predictable in most cases, they earn according to their network, performance, professional opportunities, and location. The average national average salary of a makeup artist is about $64,000 per year but people in more developed locations tend to earn higher than those in rural areas, for example, those in Las Vegas earn up to $119,906 per year as a makeup artist.

What are the different types of cosmetic kits?

There is much makeup that is in existence but here we have provided some of the most famous and most used cosmetics it’s which include;

  • Mascara MF with Excessive Lash
  • Glitters/Eyelashes
  • Inglot Gel Eyeliner
  • Eyeshadow palette IMAGIC
  • Amazing Camouflage colors
  • Oil for Lip Gloss
  • Translucent Fixer for Loose Powder Makeup
  • Pro-line OMA Brush palette
  • Pro-line OMA Sculpting palette
  • Using a Spatula and a metal plate
  • Pro-line OMA Eyeshadow Lip Palette Professional makeup brush set for the palette, 22 pieces
  • MF waterproof brow filler
  • Pro Bronze Fusion Ultra HD Liquid Foundation.

Free online makeup classes with certificates

Makeup is one of the things that throw lights and colors to our everyday dressing, without makeup our faces tend to look pale or unattractive in most cases, so, we have brought to you some of the makeup courses you can take to brighten up your client’s faces for outings, weddings, parties, ceremonies, events, dates, and so many other beauty deserving activities.

Every lady deserves to look their best and to be a part of the teams that bring out the best looks that every lady deserves, these courses online could be of great help to you.

Most of the courses will give you a clearer definition of what makeup is all about, you will get to learn how to make a woman look perfect.

And in other to know how best to meet up with the challenges of a demanding client you have to learn better and master the skills perfectly, some of the courses include;

  • A bridal makeup class
  • Online makeup and nail certification course
  • Training program for beauty therapy
  • Beginners nail art
  • Eyelash lifting and tinting techniques
  • Expert techniques for contouring and highlighting
  • How to apply makeup professionally for work and everyday
  • Eyeshadows and color theory for makeup
  • Beauty hints & techniques
  • Diploma in makeup artistry


A Bridal makeup class is the first on our list of the best free online makeup courses with certificates. This class is all about learning how to make a bride up for her wedding day, it would be for a real wedding, arranged wedding, and so on.

Every lady would like to look like a princess or more on her big day, a study on this course can generate a huge amount of money if you are good enough.

Some of the things that will be taught in this course include skin preparation, eye makeup techniques, and a beautiful bridal look, you will learn about some professional tools and how to use them properly.

Some of the skills you will acquire

  • Bridal customer service
  • How to complete a makeup application that will work for both day and night
  • How to put the bride’s face together and ready for the camera
  • Makeup business management
  • Bridal makeup skills such as enhancing skin tone, color blending, precision eye makeup, and lip
  • enhancement.


The second on our list of best free online makeup courses with certificates is the online makeup & nails certification course. This course will teach you everything you need to know about makeup, beauty, and nails and also help you to master the basics of skincare and makeup as a beginner.

This particular course is further divided into four modules, which include;

  • Diploma in beauty, nails, and makeup.
  • Intermediate in beauty, makeup, and nails.
  • Advanced in beauty, nails, and makeup
  • Competent in beauty, nails, and makeup

Note, not all the four modules listed above are free, the only program available as a free course is the diploma in makeup, nails, and beauty.


The third on our list of best free online makeup courses with certificates is the training program for beauty therapy.

This is the most popular among other courses, in this course you will learn about different skincare and beauty therapies. Some of the courses you will be taught include;

  • Practical knowledge of cosmetics
  • Application and product usage
  • How to take care of your body to prevent common illnesses
  • How to maintain the nails on the hands and feet as well as the fundamentals of all nail adornment.
  • Different hair removal methods and how to use them.


The fourth on our list of best free online makeup courses with certificates is the beginner’s nail art. This course is one of the most important in the beauty industry, in this course you will get to learn the basics things about human nails and how they should be taken care of properly.

You will be opportune to learn the art of nail mending and other nail skills in the free beauty courses provided online some of the knowledge you will gain in this free course includes;

  • How to use freehand methods
  • How to use tools properly
  • Safeguards when performing nail art applications


The fifth on our list of best free online makeup courses with certificates is the eyelash listing and tinting techniques, This is another course you can learn online free of charge without any difficulties.

This course is not a hard one but it is one that needs patience and carefulness, apart from the eyelash lifting and tinting there are other things you can also learn which include;

  • Equipment of tools used to facilitate the procedure
  • How to tidy up your workspace in order to get rid of any debris surrounding the eyelashes, including artificial eyelashes.
  • The best way to combine a tint with the recommended peroxide in order to achieve the desired shade and color.


The sixth on our list of best free online makeup courses with certificates is the expert techniques for contouring and highlighting. There are many things you will be taught in this course which include;

  • Using contouring and highlighting.
  • How to choose the best face makeup products.
  • Sculpting family members.
  • How to apply makeup such as inspiration sources.


The next on our school of the best free online makeup courses with certificates is how to apply makeup professionally for work and every day. It is one of the easiest courses you can learn online, the biggest skill this course needs is consistency.

In this beauty course, you will get to learn how to apply makeup for work which includes the following;

  • How to perform highlighting and contouring.
  • How to use the ideal base.
  • Different ways to apply eye makeup.
  • Skin preparation


The eighth course on our list of the best free online makeup courses with certificates is eyeshadows and color theory for makeup. This course is a creative one that teaches you how best to apply eyeshadows and the color theory behind them.

Some of the skills this course will teach you to include;

  • How best to use the principles of color theory to makeup.
  • How to use color wheels to understand how colors connect to one another.
  • The best way of using the fundamentals of color theory in order to use eyeshadow to make your own wheel.


The next on our list of the best free online makeup courses with certificates is beauty hints & techniques. This is one of the free courses you can learn online without charges and it includes so many tutorials on how to use makeup tools professionally.

With the beauty hints and techniques, you will get to know some professional tricks which will help you to succeed in the makeup industry, some of the professional techniques you will learn include;

  • Information on several brush types and how to utilize them.
  • Guidelines for applying foundation for the eyes.
  • How to complete your look with your lip color.


The last on our list of the best free online makeup courses with certificates is the diploma in makeup artistry. This course is one that requires passion and smartness. Some of the lessons you will learn include;

  • How to apply makeup skillfully for various appearances and occasions.
  • How to improve your skin, lips, and eyes.
  • How to change people’s appearance with makeup.
  • How best to utilize a variety of tools for makeup.
  • Foundation and skin tone.

This course can be learned on ALISON.COM, a website designed for free diplomas in makeup artistry online with certificates.

High-paying jobs for makeup professionals

Just like every other skill, makeup professionals also get high-paying jobs. These creative workers are highly sought after in society for so many beautiful events and activities which makes their skills a high-income generating one. Some of the high-paying jobs include;

  • Film & television makeup artist
  • Costume makeup artist
  • Beauty writer
  • Beauty editor
  • Red carpet and celebrity makeup artist
  • Freelance makeup artist
  • Makeup artist product developer
  • Print makeup artist
  • Special FX makeup artist
  • Theatrical/performance makeup artist
  • Spa/salon makeup artist
  • Cosmetics and marketing manager
  • Makeup instructor
  • Makeup influencers
  • Retail makeup artist
  • Personal makeup artist

Tips/secrets for getting a job in the makeup industry

To succeed in the makeup industry, you have to also learn the secrets and helpful tips that will you to be visible, some of the tips include;

  • Online Portfolio: One of the things you have to do as a makeup artist to gain visibility is to create a website where you can always post pictures of your previous work. This online portfolio will engage your visitors and they will get to realize you’re doing well because of the clients you have generated for your work.
  • Focus on professional networking: With professional networking, you will get to meet new people and connect with them easily. Having professional contacts in the makeup industry will help you to gain access to professional opportunities.
  • Eran your cosmetology license: Some states require an esthetician license to be able to work as a makeup artist but it is most common among developed countries if you are in such a country endeavor to pursue the degree or license necessary for legal practice in your state.
  • Learn about new makeup trends: To gain more clients online, makeup artists are advised to learn new makeup trends and engage their clients with them online. To do that, all you need to do is to make new videos and tutorials on how to create new makeup trends or you can keep on posting a picture of yourself trying out new and trending makeup.

Things to know before enrolling for free online makeup courses with certificates

Some of the things you need to know and be familiar with before applying for this courses include;

  • Confirm you will receive a certificate or license upon completion of the online course you wish to enroll in.
  • Confirm if there will be tests before and after the course.
  • Know the months or weeks it will take you to complete the courses online.
  • Find out when the certificates will expire.

What is the best platform to find a makeup job online?

There are many hiring teams and platforms out there but according to my research, I think LINKEDIN is the most famous hiring platform currently, all you need to do is to create an account with them and bid for professional makeup artist jobs.
Other platforms include Instagram, UEPAKI, Behance, Wix, and Portfolio Box.

What are the benefits of the free certificated online makeup courses?

Some of the benefits that come with acquiring a diploma in these free online makeup classes with certifications include;
1. Freedom
2. Monetary benefits
3. Getting a transferable talent
4. Completion

Who can enroll in these free online makeup classes with certifications?

The truth is that anyone can apply for these free makeup classes but it is most favorable to people in the following categories;

1. Those looking to get in-depth knowledge and improve their cosmetic knowledge.
2. People who know little or nothing about makeup but are interested in learning the fundamentals or more about the cosmetics career or industry.
3. People who are passionate about the beauty profession.
4. Makeup artists who are always looking out for a new makeup trend or new makeup techniques.
5. Those who love makeup find it interesting and wish to learn more about it for fun or for personal reasons.

What are the requirements to start a makeup class?

The requirements for enrolling for a makeup class online include;

1. Good command of the English language as many of the courses online might be taught in the English language.
2. There is no age limit, any age can apply for it.
3. Makeup kits or sets to practice with as you learn.
4. Practice with partners, or groups to analyze and know and record your daily abilities.


Apart from makeup artistry which can be learned directly from alison.com free of charge, you can use other learning platforms/websites to learn the courses you are interested in free of charge. Beautify your world with colors.


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