Top 5 Popular Veterinary Schools in Alabama

Have you always dreamed of helping, supporting, and caring for animals? Do you have a passion for protecting animals from danger, bullies, or maltreatment?

Let us take a look at the top veterinary schools in Alabama, yes Alabama has well-equipped vet schools.

The establishment of vet schools shouldn’t be underrated in any part of the world because living among pets is common in this 21st century and to ensure the healthy living of these pets, a good learning environment is highly recommended to learn how to keep these animals in control.

These vet schools teach their students the proper management of both domesticated and wild animals. They train professional physicians which can be a veterinary surgeon, nurses, or technicians how to diagnose and treat animals in a professional way to keep them safe and healthy.

Animals need to be cared for, they need protection, good management, and treatment of disease, and disorderliness for them to live healthy among humans.

Diseases in animals can endanger the life of their keepers, family, and kids if not well cared for, so if you own any of these pets, make sure to treat them properly always.

Just like human life matters so does that of animal matter in the United States and most countries of the world, Most families have animals as pets and to ensure quality healthcare, good vet schools have been set up to treat and care for these animals.

But in this article, we have only provided the qualified veterinary schools in Alabama for your animal treatments and surgeries. So you are advised to take your animals to these vet schools whether domestic or wild for proper medications and treatments.

List of the top veterinary schools in Alabama to get into

  • Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Tuskegee College of Veterinary Medicine
  • Rose Medical Education Center
  • Coastal Alabama Community College
  • Jefferson State Community College

Auburn University College of Veterinary Medicine

Auburn college of medicine is an advanced veterinary school in Alabama, United States. In this college, veterinarians train alongside faculty researchers and clinicians to provide the best results needed for the treatment and care of animals.

This college came into existence in 1892, and since then, they have been focused on improving animal health.

Veterinarians in this school work together to evaluate, diagnose and treat the most challenging cases and also ensure patients benefit from the latest clinical trials, research, and treatment protocols.

The three departments of this school help students to improve both animal and human health and the quality educational learning experience they are exposed to also helps them to solve real-world problems. The department of Pathobiology, Department of Clinical Sciences and Anatomy, and Department of Physiology and Pharmacology are the three departments found in Auburn college of veterinary medicine.

Services offered at Auburn veterinary clinic

  • Microchipping
  • Diagnosis and primary management of common diseases
  • Health certificates
  • Dental extractions
  • Wellness care for all life stages
  • Parasite control
  • Nutritional counseling
  • Vaccinations
  • Dental radiography
  • Precventive dentistry
  • Spay/neuter
  • Other minor surgical procedures

Auburn Vet School tuition fee

The estimated annual tuition & fees for Auburn College of veterinary medicine ranges from $10,000-$15,000 for Alabama residents and $30,000 for Non-residents.

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Tuskegee College of Veterinary Medicine

This college came into existence in 1944 as the only medical professional program on the campus of a historically black college or university in the United States.

It has graduated over 3,000 vet students since its inception in Alabama, Its is historically one of the vet schools in Alabama that has African student’s interests at heart, they highly accept African American students without any form of discrimination against culture, segregation, or racial impediments, unlike other colleges.

As an international student, TUCVM is the easiest vet college to get into in the United States because of its diversity, it also accepts and graduates American Indians, Asians, and Caucasians.

There are five departments found in this school, the department of Biomedical Sciences, the Department of Clinical Sciences, the Department of Pathobiology, the department of Graduate Public Health, and the Office of Research & Advanced Studies.

Tuskegee college of vet medicine’s estimated annual tuition & fees is $43,000.

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Ross Medical Education Center

This is 5th ranking vet school in Alabama, they offer two different vet programs which include Veterinary Assistant and Veterinary Technician.

Their Veterinary assistant program takes 36 weeks to complete while their Veterinary Technician program takes 96 weeks to complete and both programs are designed by Ross Medical Center to teach and equip students with knowledge that can get them entry-level employment.

Graduates of this college are professionals in clinical skills including animal patient care, medical imaging, laboratory procedures, anesthesia administration, monitoring, and surgical assistance for domestic animals.

Tuition: $15,990$29,000.

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Coastal Alabama Community College

If you are in search of one of the best veterinary schools in Alabama to attend without quitting your current job, then Coastal college is the best option for you because their vet programs are offered online.

All you need as a student is an access to a computer with a speed internet connection and video capabilities/webcam. Attending clinical sites weekly is mandatory and compulsory for students and the transportation will be covered by the student.

For successful graduation from this college, you must complete all vet courses with a grade of C or a higher grade, any grade lower than C might hinder your graduation.

Estimated Tuition fee: $17,000.

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Jefferson State Community College

The veterinary technology program at Jefferson State is one of the best in Alabama. It is a distance education program where students must not have physical classes to be professionals in this program, all they need is access to computers, and the internet.

At Jefferson, students must work and volunteer in veterinary facilities that are located within Alabama for a minimum of 20 hours per week.

In other to be equipped with clinical skills, students are required to visit closer clinic sites without having to relocate to Birmingham to acquire this degree.

It is one of the most highly recommended veterinary schools in Alabama for the working class, they will be fortunate enough to write their exams at the scheduled sites at their convenient time.

What is the tuition & fee of Jefferson State Community Vet College?

The estimated annual tuition & fees of Jefferson state community college is $5,000 for Alabama residents and $9,000 for Non-residents.

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what are the requirements to gain admission into vet schools in Alabama?

Veterinary schools in Alabama are very competitive and to gain admission into these top veterinary schools, the average grade point (GPA) is 3. o and aspirants must meet up with this score and above.

Alabama Nearby States Veterinary Schools/Colleges

Georgia Veterinary Schools

There are six veterinary schools in Georgia located in Athens, Thomasville, Fort Valley, Lawrenceville, and Statesboro and over 200 veterinary degrees are awarded every year with an average tuition of $25,000 in Georgia.

Tennessee Veterinary Schools

Tennessee has 6 veterinary schools and colleges in Columbia, Gallatin, Chattanooga, Memphis, and Knoxville. About 300 degrees are awarded annually and the average tuition for veterinary schools in Tennessee is $24,300.

Mississippi Veterinary Schools

Seven Veterinary schools and colleges are located in Scooba, Fulton, Wesson, Starkville, Perkinston, Raymond, and Booneville in the state of Mississippi.

Over 200 certificates and diplomas are been awarded annually with an average tuition of $22,000.

Florida Veterinary Schools

There are 11 veterinary schools and colleges in Florida cities and about 500 degrees are awarded every academic year with an average tuition of $21,000.

Some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I become a vet technician in Alabama?

You must be a Licensed Veterinary Technician in Alabama and also a graduate of any veterinary technology program accredited by the American Veterinary Medicine Association (AVMA). You have to also pass the Veterinary Technician National Exam and Alabama State Boards Exam.

What is the full meaning of LVT, VTNE, and AVMA in vet schools?

  • AVMA – American Veterinary Medicine Association.
  • LVT – Licensed Veterinary Technician.
  • VTNE – Veterinary Technician National Exam.

Where does a veterinary tech gain employment?

Veterinary technicians can gain employment in pharmaceutical companies, Laboratries, animal hospitals, animal shelters, zoos, private clinics, research facilities, colleges, and universities.

What is the Average salary of a veterinary technician in Alabama?

The average salary of a veterinary Technician in Alabama ranges from $35,000- $65,000 annually.

What is the average salary of a veterinary assistant in Alabama?

The average salary of a veterinary assistant is $32,158-$55,000.

How many veterinary clinics are in Alabama?

Alabama is just a state in the United States but that doesn’t limit it from being rated in terms of quality education. There are about 848 veterinary clinics in Alabama and these clinics must have at least one Licensed Veterinary Technician.


There are other assisting veterinary schools in Alabama but the information we provided above is only for the officially recognized veterinary schools in Alabama with full accreditation.

To become a recognized and licensed vet technician in Alabama, you must graduate from an AVMA accredited program in veterinary technology and also pass both the Veterinary Technician National Exam (VTNE) and also the Alabama State Boards.

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