Top 15 Best Culinary Schools In Abuja

Do you wish to become a professional in food preparation, cooking, and food presentation? Is it your dream to be an expert chef in charge of making meals that are both aesthetically beautiful and delicious?

Abuja is one of the best places to get your culinary education as an aspiring chef in Nigeria. In this article, we have curated a list of the top 15 best culinary schools in Abuja for both domestic and international students.

These schools listed and explained in detail below are for you to make the right choice and horn your career in the food industry. They are the top prestigious culinary schools in Abuja that will link you up with professional chefs who will help you to turn your culinary skills around and achieve your goal and success.

What is a culinary school?

A culinary school is an institution where people go to learn how to prepare food, bake, and render different kitchen services. There are different kinds of culinary schools in the world, some are committed to training professional chefs, others are aimed at amateur enthusiasts, and some mix with both. Amateur cooking schools are also a twist on culinary tourism in so many countries.

There are three basics types of caterers

  1. Private or full-service caterers
  2. Mobile or delivery caterers
  3. Hotels or Restaurant caterers

Private or full-service caterers

These are privately owned and operated businesses as the name implies. They are event planners that follow a customer or a client’s expectation in a standardized and customized way.

Mobile or delivery caterers

They are the ones that bring or deliver client’s food such as food carts, food trucks, or delivery services and this is the cheapest.

Hotel or restaurant caterers

These set of caterers do activities mainly on bouquet arrangements, menu preparations, seats, setting tables, and maintenance of deliveries among many others.

What are the Benefits of learning in a culinary school?

Studying culinary arts will help you in many ways, not only will it help you in becoming a professional chef, it will help you to have a deeper appreciation for food as arts, culture, your health, and so on, all of which you can pass on to your family and customers with your cooking skills.

When you study culinary arts, you can be very creative, having to cook and make meals with your creative skills, having an increased skill. You can as well work for yourself because there are lucrative opportunities in the culinary industry.

Top 15 Best Culinary Schools In Abuja

Top culinary schools in Abuja include the following:

  1. Abuja culinary school
  2. Chef’s Academy Abuja
  3. Gilead Culinary Academy
  4. Red Dish Chronicles culinary schools
  5. AAA Events Academy Abuja
  6. QMDCI Kitchen and hospitality training academy
  7. Loves Gateau catering and cooking school
  8. Lyndishes Culinary school
  9. Royalty Culinary Academy
  10. Topkraft Culinary Academy
  11. Urbanhands Culinary School
  12. New and Brisk Culinary and Foods
  13. Mastermind Catering and Culinary Institute
  14. Owende Catering School
  15. Pristine Catering School

Abuja Culinary School

Abuja culinary school has trained over a thousand of students all over Nigeria, both online and offline in all their culinary courses.
This school ranks first in the best culinary school in Abuja because of its commitment to providing world-class culinary education and dedication to excellent service to its students.

Address: MIB Plaza, 1st Avenue Gwarimpa Abuja, Nigeria.

Chef Academy

Chef Academy Abuja was established in 2013, Chef Academy offers practical culinary training, and cultural and educational awareness skills required to succeed as an entrepreneur and a chef. Additional services like restaurants and menu designs, home kitchen setup and kitchen appliance purchases, and lots more are offered.
Chef Academy is a professional culinary school, where students learn to be perfect not only in cooking but in gaining skills to achieve their dream as a chef or entrepreneur in the art of culinary.

The school offers the following;

  1. Professional Diploma in Culinary Arts
  2. African Culinary Arts
  3. Healthy Living Cuisine
  4. Diploma in pastries and baking
  5. Continental Culinary Arts

Address: 33 parkour crescent, Wuse Abuja, Nigeria.

Gilead Culinary Academy

Gilead Culinary Academy is a professional learning academy, where all levels such as beginners, intermediate, and advanced levels come to learn how to cook, bake, and make pastry from experienced and exceptional chefs. some of their programs come with an internship.

Gilead Culinary Academy offers the following services:

  1. Cake baking and decorating courses
  2. Professional Diploma in continental cuisine arts
  3. Practical teaching of African cuisine arts
  4. Professional diploma in bakery and pastry arts
  5. The introduction to desert bakery and pastry arts.

Address: Suites 425/426 Rock of Ages Mall, Jabi 0

Red Dish Chronicles Culinary Academy

Red Dish Chronicles culinary academy is one of the best culinary school in Abuja, This school is programmed for beginners who wants their culinary skills to be well developed. Red Dish chronicles culinary offers top-notch cuisines around the world and is taught by their best chefs.

They also offer Continental Culinary Arts Courses which equip students with every knowledge needed to make absolutely good meals as an aspiring Chefs.

Address: Sterling bank boulevard plot 990, Grandsquare/Leventis Motors, opposite Tuwo Place, central business district 900211, Abuja Federal Capital Territory.

AAA  Events Academy Abuja

AAA Catering Academy provides and equips students with culinary training to create dishes, and breathtaking designs on cakes and other pastries. They help their students in building confidence in the kitchen.

AAA catering academy gives professional training and food safety. The available classes are Full time and weekend classes, and their programs are 2 weeks programs, 1-month programs, and 3 months programs.

Courses offered at AAA Catering Academy

  1. Continental dishes
  2. Special Cuisine
  3. National dishes
  4. cake baking
  5. Sauces
  6. soups
  7. Beverages like mocktails and cocktail
  8. All kinds of pastries

Address: Suite C4 Zara Plaza opposite wallpaper world, Lifecamp 900001, Abuja

QMDCI Kitchen and Hospitality Training Academy

QMDCI is the no #1 privately owned hospitality and tourism institute in Abuja, Nigeria. QMDCI started operating in the year 2016, to develop and nurture world-class hospitality professionals.

QMDCI gives individuals training such as catering services, culinary skills, food and beverages, and event management.

They impact lives and develop methods of processes that aim in generating the correct tools required to set programs up in their private businesses and employment increase.
QMDCI has trained hundreds of students in its various courses, these courses include:

  • Culinary and pastry arts
  • Food and beverages
  • Events management
  • Food safety and hygiene
  • Soft skills ( customer service, public speaking, entrepreneurship)
  • Indoor and outdoor catering services
  • Business service support.

Address: 16 Ogbomosho St, Garki 90000, Abuja Federal Capital Territory

Lovesgateau Catering and Cooking Schools

Lovesgateau Catering and cooking schools is one of the best catering schools in Abuja, Nigeria. Lovesgateau is a cooking school known for its quality, integrity, professionalism, and value for money.

Indoor and outdoor services are offered for your gatherings, parties, and all kind of events, and also enrich your events and parties with varieties of irresistible menus. They have excellent training and catering services, not only do they cook good and nutritious meals, individual training is one of their top priority.

Students enrolled in Lovesgateau Catering and Cooking schools are taught by excellent, professional, and certified chefs. They make the availability of online courses on their website, and practicals are strictly done by the students with the help of certified and professional chefs on the school premises.

Lovesgateau catering and cooking school will help you in making a good decision on your career as a chef and also help you become a certified and professional chef even in your home.

Address: Block G2 A, 2nd Avenue Sunnyvale Homes, Dakwo District, 900246, Abuja

Culinary Schools in Abuja
Culinary Schools in Abuja

Lyndishes Culinary School

Lyndishes Culinary School is located in Gwarinpa Abuja, Nigeria. Lyndishes Culinary has exceptional Chefs who will teach you on becoming a better and certified chef. Lyndishes helps you learn the intimate chemistry between Ingredients and the chef that gives pastries,  bread, and desserts life.

Courses offered at Lyndishes include:

  • African cuisine (certificate course)
  • Continental class ( certificate class)
  • Pastry class ( certificate class)
  • Professional culinary course
  • Asian cuisine

Address: no 62 24 24 crew, Gwarinpa, 900108, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory.

Royalty Culinary Academy

Royalty Culinary Academy is an institute that empowers individuals to achieve their value in the culinary and pastry arts through individual, modernized instruction in the technique that is developed by Chef.

At Royal Culinary Academy, they train students to develop regard for local resources and sustainable and unceasing practices and also to understand where their food comes from.

As a graduate of Royal Culinary School, there is a high possibility that you will get into work with a balance of practical skills, dependability, operational awareness, and humility. Royalty Culinary Academy offers both professional courses and starter courses.

The professional courses offered by the Royal culinary academy include:

Professional Continental Culinary Cuisine: This course will offer you advanced training with all the necessary meals needed for you to be a great chef. The duration of study is 6 months with a tuition fee of #660,000, the tools needed for you there are free.

The Royalty African Culinary Cuisine: This course is for students who want to advance their culinary arts in African cuisine. If you want your culinary skill to get better, then you need to try this course. The learning duration is just for 2 months and the tuition fee is 465,000 with free tools.

Royalty decoration and baking of the cake: You will learn how to bake at the highest level with advanced training in cake baking. The learning duration is for 3 months and the tuition fee is #550,000 with free tools.

Royalty Nigeria and French cuisine: They offer advanced training on the major Nigeria and French cuisine. Their duration for learning is about 4 months and the tuition fee is #660,000.

Royalty Desert Making: The learning duration is about 3 months and the tuition is 255,000 and also a free tool for learning.

Professional Healthy Cooking and Baking: This course offers you advanced training on the best practice of healthy cooking and baking. The duration is 4 months and the fee is #665,000.

Royalty Culinary Arts: This course will train you on how to make proper culinary arts. The duration is for 6 months and the fee is 680,000.

Address: 322 Rd, Gwarinpa Estate, 900108, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory

Topkraft Culinary Academy 

Topkraft Culinary Academy was established in the year 2014, Topkraft culinary academy is one of the top centers in Abuja that offers international culinary skill standards. Through a balanced curriculum fixed with social, entrepreneurial, professional, and academic skills, there is an increment of food leaders.

By teaching both classic and modern culinary methods, students are equipped with good culinary skills which will help them to build successful careers in the food industry worldwide.

Teaching students the necessary skills create a balance between their academic and experimental learning both in the classroom and global hospitality classroom.

Students learn how the management and operations of a restaurant are done, they also learn human relations and interpersonal communication skills and make critical decisions.

Topkraft Culinary Academy offers these courses:

  • Diploma in hotel and hospitality management
  • Professional chef diploma in cuisine
  • Baking and pastries (Diploma)
  • Cuisine and patisserie
  • Diploma in catering and event management

Address: 1 Nembe Road, Phase 4, Kubwa, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory

Urbanhands Culinary School

Urbanhands CulinarySchool is designed to train students in the arts and science of cooking, preparation of food, and baking, and also on how to cook a variety of dishes from different parts of the world.
Urbanhands Culinary School specializes in making Continental dishes, Nigerian cuisine/events, patisseries, pastries, and bridal courses.

Urbanhands Culinary School will teach you valuable skills that will help you become an in-demand professional in the field market.

Address: no 4 Nyako close, NDC Quarters Apo, Zone A Abuja

New and Brisk Culinary and Foods

New and Brisk Culinary and Foods is one of the best culinary schools in Abuja. New and brisk Culinary and Foods is an institution that offers numerous programs to teach students and help them have valuable, excellent, remarkable, and healthy cooking skills.

This institution has experts chef that guide the students during the practical aspect, to help them get perfect while in the kitchen.

Address: Plot No 6095, Cadastral Zone flat 14, Bazango NEPA road Kubwa Abuja.

Mastermind Catering and Culinary Institute

Mastermind Catering and culinary institute was established in the year 2018, it was registered with the Cooperate Affairs Commission of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Their objective is to create an institute where learning and examination take place. The provision of education and training is given to all that want to be perfect in the field of hospitality.
Mastermind Catering and culinary institute provide consultancy services to organizations in the hospitality industry.

MCCI offers you the practical competencies that are needed for employment in the catering and hospitality industry with international standards.

The classes available in Mastermind Catering and culinary school include the following:

Practical skill assessment class: During this class, the assessment of individuals will be based solely on their performance to reproduce the tasks learned in the standard and observation of the technique for evaluation.

Laundry and Dry cleaning service: This class is solely to gain knowledge and to offer laundering and cleaning services in the catering industry.

House Keeping Operations: This is to gain understanding and develop the strength to function as a reservation officer, cashier, and receptionist.

Front Office Operations: This class will help individuals learn the basics of catering and hospitality it includes, Taking the customer’s order, communication studies, describing dishes, maintaining a healthy, safe, and secure working environment, customer service supervision, and staff training supervision.

Workplace Skills: This program is part of the basic requirement for student certification.

Address: 83m David Lot Cl, Gwarinpa 900108, Abuja, Federal Capital Territory

Owende Catering School

Owede catering school is an institution registered with the important educational authorities in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

Owende catering school is an institution with professionals and exceptional lecturers who acquire different experiences in both practical and theory in the delivery of hospitality management at all levels.

Owende catering school is well-equipped with art facilities for production deliveries and services, the courses offered by Owende Catering School include:

  1. Advanced certificates course on training in catering and hospitality
  2. Varieties of local and continental dishes
  3. Wide range of pastries, bread, and cakes for home and events
  4. Outdoor services like catering, DJ services, and event planning/ management.

Address: Zone3 No 43 Abijan St, Wuse 904101, Abuja Federal Capital Territory

Pristine Catering School

Pristine Catering School is an institute whereby lecturers create a friendly and welcoming participatory atmosphere for students to enable them to study well.

Pristine Catering School have professional Chefs that teach their students courses that cut across an introduction to catering into applied cookery mathematics and food businessmen law, and so many others.

Pristine Catering School will teach you how to become your dream Chef, you will be taught how to make numerous pastries like small chops in any event. All practicals conducted will be done only by the students with the guidance of their excellent Chefs.

Pristine Catering School helps you in discovering your flaws. They are best in training, and consulting and they cater.

What Pristine Catering School will teach you:

You will be taught how to fold napkins which adds value to the table laying.

Professionals will train you into producing cocktails and mocktails.

Elegant fruits and vegetable carving will be taught as well.


Address: No.17 Pristine Street Behind Crush Rock by First Borehole, Mpape, 901101, Abuja, Nigeria.


Catering is one of the go-get professional skills to acquire today, having culinary experience can change every single thing for you. Cooking is not just about the dish but it is also about the arts and science of it. Above are the best culinary schools in Abuja, you can enroll in to be your own great and exceptional Chef.

If you are interested in any of the culinary schools listed above, kindly click on the school link to apply. Good luck!


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