7 Best Veterinary Schools in Australia

Have you ever felt an attachment to animals all your life? Is protecting the lives of animals something you have thought of doing or would like to do? Then studying a Bachelor of Veterinary Biology, Master and Doctoral in Veterinary Medicine is a great way to turn passion and vision into a career.

If you are in search of the best veterinary schools in Australia, carefully read the article below. In this article, you will get to know the veterinary schools available in Australia for both domestic and international students and it might interest you to know most of these veterinary schools in Australia take patients as well.

Australia is one of the top 5 places to study in the world due to its scientific research and development in the world, their education sector is of high quality and excellent reputation worldwide.

How long does it take to study vet in Australia?

Your study duration depends on the university 0f your choice and your program of study, some universities take five years duration, some six, and others seven years study duration.

But it takes at least seven to eight years of study to earn a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM), three or four years of undergraduate study at a college or university to earn a bachelor’s degree, and another three to four years of attending an accredited veterinary school.

What is the average salary of a veterinary doctor in Australia?

The average salary of a Vet doctor in Australia falls between $110,708 – $135,000 per year. Veterinarian’s salary is rated according to level, the higher your level in the vet field, the higher your salary. The estimated price above is for Entry-level positions.

List of Veterinary Schools in Australia

After intensive research, we have carefully put together the best veterinary schools in Australia where you can enroll in, enroll your wards, or get your animals or pets treated.

Charles Sturt University University

The first on our list of veterinary schools in Australia is Charles Sturt University, this university ranks number one in Australia for undergraduate employment and also number one in undergraduate starting salaries.

Graduates of this school get jobs faster than any other university in Australia, their undergraduates earn as high as $64,100 after graduating while their post-graduates earn a median starting salary of $78,000.

Charles Sturt is committed to hands-on experience learning for on-campus students and has ranked numerous times as the 1 most selected school by working-class students in Australia who wish to engage in an online class.

Their school of Agricultural, Environmental, and Veterinary Sciences offers a broad number of flexible courses in agriculture, environment, and veterinary science.

The following degrees are awarded under veterinary science; Bachelor of Veterinary Biology/Bachelor of Veterinary Science, Bachelor of Veterinary Technology, Bachelor of Equine Science, Bachelor of Animal ScienceMaster of Veterinary Studies, and Doctor of Veterinary Studies.

Charles Sturt University Veterinary Clinical Center provides quality services to animal owners across Riverina and beyond, this clinic is equipped with experienced veterinarians, veterinary nurses, and technicians.

They provide the following treatments for animals; Diagnostic imaging, Medicine and intensive care, Reproduction, Sports medicine, Surgery, Anesthesia, and Cardiac medicine

There is a provision of specialist services in equine medicine, sports medicine, surgery, anesthesia, and theriogenology.

Estimated tuition: $33,200

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James Cook University

The second on our list of veterinary schools in Australia is James Cook University, this university school of veterinary science is a leader in animal science and veterinary practice in Australia. They rank first in Australia for skills development, teaching quality, and student support.

Their veterinary students practice hands-on learning offered by professional and skilled lecturers and often participate in unique placements and work experience in some known research institutes or vet clinics.

As a graduate of James Cook university, you will be equipped with a world-class education that will help you to tackle the challenges of a career in veterinary science.

You will be opportune to study the fundamentals of animal health before examining the transition from health to disease as well as developing your professional and clinical practice.

Estimated tuition: $12,900

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Murdoch University

Our 3rd on the list of best veterinary schools in Australia is Murdoch university. this school is the first veterinary school in Australia accredited by the American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA) Council on Education which is the reason their graduates easily get jobs in any part of the world.

The school is currently fully accredited by the Australasian Veterinary Boards Council (AVBC) and the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons (RCVS) in the UK.

Murdoch is a nice place of study for both domestic and international students, their flexible courses allow them to combine hands-on clinical training, veterinary professional life skills, research experience, and species-group electives across their degrees.

This school is totally in charge of the oversight and delivery of all veterinary-associated education, including the training of professional registrable veterinarians and the future generation of specialists.

They ensure the operation of an emergency, critical care, primary care, and referral teaching facility and also comnduc6t research into animal health, welfare, and disease.

Estimated tuition: AUD$6,900

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University of Adelaide

The fourth on our list of veterinary schools in Australia is the University of Adelaide, their animal and veterinary sciences department is among the world’s best according to global ranking where it does fall into the top -60 and top -100 respectively.

They have one of the smallest class sizes in Australia, and their veterinary students receive personal assistance from highly experienced teachers and researchers.

As a student of this noble institution, you will gain access to quality practical and hand on experience learning, you will get to practice externally in real-world industry settings such as farms, in intensive production facilities which will widen your knowledge and help you master your craft.

A veterinary health center is also available for patients who want to get their animals, and pets treated, it services small animals, horses, farm animals, and herds.

Students oftentimes gain access to the university’s fully functional livestock farm, with horses, cattle, sheep, alpacas, pigs, and chickens.

The following are been awarded at the University of Adelaide under the faculty of veterinary medicine; Bachelor of Agricultural Sciences, Bachelor of Marine and Wildlife Conservation, Bachelor of Science (Animal Behaviour), Bachelor of Science (Veterinary Bioscience), Bachelor of Veterinary Technology and Doctor of Veterinary Medicine.

Estimated Tuition: $9,750

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University of Melbourne

The 5th on our list of veterinary schools in Australia is the University of Melbourne. this university offers a wide range of veterinary science courses at the undergraduate level, master’s level, postgraduate level, and doctoral level.

Gaining admission into this institution as a vet student is a dream come true as you will be equipped with intensive practical experience in your course of study.

Their school of veterinary medicine is approved and accredited by the Australian Veterinary Boards Council, the American Veterinary Medical Association, and the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons to award their research-intensive courses in veterinary science/technology.

Estimated Tuition: $76,000 (other fees included)

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University of Queensland

Our sixth on the list of veterinary schools in Australia is the University of Queensland. It is a public research university located in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia

UQ as it is called is among the best veterinary schools in Australia that accepts a good number of international students without any form of gender, race, culture, or employment discrimination.

They equip students with the foundational knowledge and practical skills to apply medical, diagnostic, and therapeutic care to animals.

To obtain a Bachelor of Veterinary Science (Honours) certificate, students are to undergo 3 years of foundational training in the anatomy, physiology, biochemistry, nutrition, and behavior of healthy domestic and wild animals.

In the fourth year, they will undertake medicine and surgery courses for each of the major animal species coupled with population and public health training and about 130 hours of clinical practical work.

In their final year, they are allowed to practice in and out of school environments, all these practices help them to develop their skills in essential clinical and professional competencies.

UQ is one of the best veterinary schools in Australia that awards numerous degrees across their Bachelor, Master, Postgraduate and Doctoral levels in veterinary science.

Estimated Tuition: $20,602

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University of Sydney

The last on our list of veterinary schools in Australia is the University of Sydney located in Sydney, Australia. This school is one of the most prestigious institutions in Australia to study veterinary medicine for both domestic and international students,

Some of the career paths they follow in their veterinary medicine studies include; private veterinary practice, corporate veterinary medicine, animal science, public policy, infectious disease units, biosecurity, food safety, wildlife conservation, inspection and environmental quality control, veterinary research and education, diagnostic services, veterinary public health.

Their course is delivered across two locations, the University of Sydney (Camperdown/Darlington) and Veterinary Teaching Hospital (Camden, NSW) with a study duration of six years.

Estimated Tuition: $11,401

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The institutions above are the most popular and known veterinary institutions currently available in Australia. If you are in search of the best veterinary clinic center where you will treat your pets and animals or you operate an animal farm in Australia, all you need do is visit any of these institutions’ animal clinic centers for proper and careful treatment and management of your animals

If there are other functional veterinary schools in Australia we didn’t take note of in this article, please do well to drop the schools’ names and locations.


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