Cheapest Popular Driving Schools in Cebu

Thinking of which driving school is the cheapest in Cebu? here we have the list of the top 5 cheapest popular driving schools in Cebu you can enroll in and master the act of driving.

Driving can be overwhelming when one doesn’t know how to drive but with the right driving school driving can be fun and easy to master. You don’t have to be afraid of driving, when learned and mastered very well it becomes easy and enjoyable.

Every driver on the road today once started from somewhere, no one was born a driver, to be one, you have to enroll with the best driving schools in your area and learn to drive diligently. Some of these driving schools are quite expensive because of the effort and duration of the classes.

In this post, I have compiled the list of the cheapest driving schools in Cebu for people in Cebu in search of an affordable school they can enroll in and graduate as professional drivers in the city and the Philippines as a whole.

Cheapest Driving Schools in Cebu
Cheapest Driving Schools in Cebu

Learning to drive in your city or area doesn’t necessarily limit you to driving only in that area of mastery, any good driver can drive anywhere, anytime without challenges. The schools listed below will give you professional training that can never be forgotten.

They are professional driving schools that engage their students with the act of driving, showing them the hacks, secrets, ideas, and knowledge other professional drivers around the world apply in their daily driving.

Top 5 Cheapest Popular Driving Schools in Cebu

Driving is a thing of the spirit, before enrolling in a diving school, you must be sure it is something you want to do, don’t attend a driving school because of pressure. It must come from a determined mind to avoid negative circumstances involved in the journey.

Make up your mind you want to be a professional and known driver, one that drives and manages the road with enough carefulness.

Cheapest Popular Driving Schools in Cebu

A&A Driving School

Address: V. Rama Ave, Cebu City

Phone:  0915 829 8717


Hours: 8 AM – 8:30 PM Everyday

Offer Driving license: Yes

Course Price: ₱3,000 to ₱5,500

A&A Driving School is a popular driving school in Cebu, Philippines that teaches aspiring drivers how to drive and use the road perfectly. A&A has the best instructors who are committed to their work and have been awarded awards of excellence in driving.

A&A came into existence in 2014, and our services are affordable with a new fleet of cars always to ensure maximum comfort and safety of students while making sure they learn the best way. We have consistently ranked as one of the best driving schools in Cebu.

Some of the services we offer include how to drive manual Sedan, manual SUV, automatic sedan, combo package, refresher manual sedan, refresher manual SUV, and refresher automatic sedan.

Our services range from P2,800 to P5,500. If you are interested in our service, kindly contact us using the provided phone number or email us for detailed information.

AllRight Driving School

Address: Ybanez Compound Rd, Cebu City, Philippines

Phone: 09231615200


Hours: 6:30 AM – 9 PM Everyday

Offers driving license: Yes

Course Price: ₱4,200 to ₱5,200

We are popular in Cebu and one of your favorite places to acquire diving knowledge. If you are an aspiring driver, enroll with us today for the best driving experience.

Allright Driving School is very affordable, it is one of the cheapest driving schools in Cebu that deliver great value to students. The training Allright offers will prepare you for today’s roads.

All they do in this school is equip students with safe driving skills that serve them for life. The mission is to teach aspiring drivers how to drive well and safely. Kindly contact us with the information provided above.

Elite Driving School

Address: 179 Hipodromo Oval Road, Cebu City, Cebu

Phone: 09776029801


Hours: 6 AM – 11 PM

Offers Driving License: Yes

Elite Driving School is among the affordable driving schools in Cebu. we have passionate and professional instructors dedicated to providing clear and unique driving lessons to aspiring drivers who enrolled with us.

Elite is very flexible, so the time was extended to 11 pm to accommodate every learner’s busy schedule and the best lessons that fit their needs. Kindly contact us through the provided information for detailed information on our services and schedules.

Best Driving School

Address: Dona Esperanza Subd. Katipunan St, Cebu City.

Phone: 09985375648 / 09178588796


Hours: 8 AM – 9 PM

Offers Driving License: Yes

Course Price:  ₱5,000 to ₱6,200 (10 hours), ₱9,800 to ₱11,800 (20 hours)

Best Driving School is one of the cheapest popular driving schools in Cebu, it has been operating since 2007 and it’s currently one of the leading companies of its kind in Cebu.

This driving school has professional instructors and a fleet of training vehicles in Cebu. Best Driving School was founded by Remarie Willbur Legados, one of the best instructors in Cebu and a national trainer and assessor by TESDA.

Best driving school offers basic courses in practical driving, refresher classes/customized packages, tandem driving classes, long drive sessions, corporate/group seminars, and driving proficiency assessments.

Other best driving schools in Cebu that might be affordable are:

  • ADV Driving School
  • Asian Driving School
  • Cebu Integrated Driving School
  • MJM Driving School
  • Asian College of Technology – Bulacao
  • AYL Driving School
  • Defensive Driving School
  • Diannes Driving School Corp
  • Smart Driving School
  • Right Driving Technical School
  • Pro Drive
  • Highway Run Driving School – Bacayan


The driving schools listed here are the most popular and trusted ones in Cebu. There are other good and affordable driving schools in Cebu. Some of the schools mentioned in this article might not be reachable to you, therefore, If you are an aspiring driver, check out the driving schools in your area and compare them to each other before enrolling in driving classes.

If you think there are good and affordable driving schools missing in this article, kindly leave a comment explaining the school and why you think it should be added to this list.


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