Top 5 Best Film Schools in the Philippines

Do you love acting? Do you reside in the Philippines but find it difficult to locate the best film schools in the Philippines? or are you an international student who wishes to enroll in one of the best film schools in the Philippines? In this article, you will get to know the best film schools in the Philippines open to domestic and international students.

The entertainment industry is very important in the world. Countries like the US, the UK, the Philippines, and Canada, among many others, have never sized to get us clued to our screen with their creativity in filmmaking.

But this article is for the best film schools in the Philippines you can easily get into. As we all know, Filmmaking is one of the best-paying careers in the 21st century, and in other to do well in this industry it requires creativity, intelligence, communication skills, organizational skills, and a lot more.

If you aspire to become a known movie director, producer, or actor, in Southern Asia then film schools in the Philippines are the best option for you because their film industries are top-notch in filmmaking and production.

The movie industries in the Philippines make it easy for you to discover your talents and strengths and also help you turn your visions and dreams into reality, with these film industries your career in the entertainment industry makes it to the top.

Philippine cinemas are the strongest in the Southern Asia region, after thorough research, we found out that a majority of the films from that region came from the philippine alongside Thailand and Indonesia film industries with affordable tuition fees.

Filming in the Philippines

Filmmaking is the process by which you communicate ideas, stories, perceptions, feelings, and beauty through the use of moving objects, it is a work of visual art through which experiences are been simulated with sound.

Filmmaking involves communicating ideas, and stories that will undergo screenwriting, casting, sound recording, shooting, pre-production, post-production, and screening before being released to the audience.

What is the Cost of film schools in the Philippines?

The cost of studying media /communication art in any of the colleges or universities whether in the private sector or public settings in the Philippines is estimated from 40,000 – 1,000,000 pesos.

How to get into film schools in the Philippines

To be admitted to the Philippine film schools of your choosing, you must fulfill a number of conditions. Each school’s requirements will be published separately after each school’s information, so be sure to check each one to see what they are.

What are the best film schools in the Philippines?

  • De La Salle University
  • University of Santo Tomas
  • Mowelfund Film Institute
  • International Academy of Film & Television Cebu
  • Film and Media Arts International Academy

De La Salle University

De La Salle University is the first school on my list, this school is very famous in the Philippines and always stands out as one of the best film schools in the Philippines. The school is located at 2544 Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila, Philippines 1004.

They offer a Bachelor of Arts in film program which is a combination of motion picture production techniques with digital technology. Students of this school are usually exposed to all elements of filmmaking ranging from directing, producing, screenwriting, editing, sound mixing, cinematography, and production design.

The filmmaking program is under the School of new media arts (SNMA), other schools available at De La Salle University include;

  • The School of Arts, Culture, and Performance (SACP)
  • School of Environment and Design (SED)
  • School of Deaf Education and Applied Studies
  • School of Diplomacy and Governance
  • School of Hotel, Restaurant, and Institution Management
  • School of Management and Information Technology

Careers available to graduates of De La Salle film school

  • Film Director
  • Fil Marketer
  • Independent Filmmaker
  • Film Editor
  • Production Manager
  • Scriptwriter
  • Producer

The 14-story academic complex of De La Salle simulates students which makes them think in a creative way, shift their perspectives and also innovate their ideas.

Students are taught how to combine filmmaking techniques with modern digital technology which enables them to produce motion pictures, they get to learn the best practices in production management, promote their work through classic and contemporary marketing techniques and also organize exhibition events such as premieres and film festivals.

Program Length: 9 Trimesters

Cost of attendance: Filipino students $82,680, International students $86,770.

Visit the school website for more information.

University of Santo Tomas

This is a private catholic research university located at Espana Boulevard, Sampaloc, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines founded by Miguel de Benavides in 1611, It is among the best film schools in the Philippines.

The Department of Communication and Media Studies of Santo Tomas falls under the faculty of Arts and Letters and they offer both communication and journalism programs.

This department has the largest number of students in the faculty of arts and letters. And it has consistently ranked among the best academic institution in the Philippines in terms of communication research, Journalism, Broadcast, Integrated Marketing Communication, and Film.

The focus of the school is to provide adequate filmmaking training for high school, undergraduates, graduates, and professionals.

Graduates of communication arts consider careers in the areas listed below

  • Public Relation
  • Broadcasting
  • Events Management
  • Film/Video/Production Houses
  • Marketing
  • Advertising Industry
  • Academe (lecturer)

Tuition Fees: $37, 317

Visit the school website for more information

Mowelfund Film Institute

This is a film institute established by former producer/actor Joseph “Erap” Ejercito Estrada who was the former Philippine president and incumbent Manila mayor in 1974 and his work was to serve marginalized workers in the Philippine motion picture industry.

This film institute is one of the best film schools in the Philippines as it is set to enhance and nurture the needs of the Filipino film industry, and to make that possible, this film institute is in partnership with stakeholders to upgrade their socioeconomic conditions for the betterment of life.

There is also a social welfare program that helps movie workers at Mowelfund such as make-up artists, checkers, cameramen, technicians, bit players, stuntmen, and many other film crew members who don’t have access to private insurance. Members are been rewarded with assistance through the following benefits;

  • Medical Health Benefits ($5,000 – $8,000)
  • Death Aid ($35,000)
  • Livelihood Program
  • Housing Program

They provide low-cost housing opportunities to qualified members in cooperation with the NHA, conduct annual film training workshops through its Mowelfund Film Institute (MFI), create an academic and regional network for outreach programs, and also provide a home base for the country’s young filmmakers.

Visit the School Website for more information

International Academy of Film & Television Cebu

This is the best international film school in Cebu, Philippines. They are rated the best of all film schools in Cebu and their main focus is acting filmmaking, and 3D animation.

The academy is located at Bigfoot I.T. and Park 6015 Lapu-Lapu City Cebu, Philippines. With robust mentorship and roots in Hollywood, this academy is set to provide students with advanced practicals and hands-on training in actual productions.

It is accredited by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs which makes accepts students from the US Army into different Veterans Affairs Programs and the Veterans Retraining Assistance Program.

Through mentorship by highly experienced industry professionals across the filmmaking, acting, and 3D animation programs, students are been taught how to find their individual talents and reach their highest potential in the movies industry.

They offer the following;

  • Certificate program in Filmmaking
  • Certificate program in Performing Arts-Acting
  • Diploma Program Filmmaking
  • Diploma Program in Performing Arts-Acting
  • Certificate program in 3D Animation
  • Diploma program in 3D Animation
  • Short-term Workshops such as On camera Acting workshops & Filmmaking workshops.

IAFT is not just one of the best film schools in the Philippines, it’s recognized globally as one of the best film schools in the world by Hollywood Reporter. The 3D animation program was reported to be among the best in the world, it equips students with computer-generated imaginary skills such as 3D modeling, Animation, Rendering, Compositing, Character creation, Sound design, and Writing.

IAFT Cebu Program Length: Diploma Programs (12 months), Certificate Programs (5 months), Workshop (10 weeks).

Estimated Tuition Fees: International students $18, 500, Filipino students $9,800.

Visit the School Website for more information.

Film and Media Arts International Academy

The next inline is Film and Media International Academy (FMA) Located at Sacred Heart School (Old Campus) General Maxilom Avenue Cebu City, Cebu, 6000 Philippines.

FMA is one of the best film schools in the Philippines, they are known for their creativity in the filmmaking and animation industry of the 21st century which prepares students for entry employment in the professional world of filmmaking and animation.

As a student of this school, you will be equipped with all the technical crafts needed to create quality digital content and hands-on learning experience by industry professionals with international experience.

Most FMA instructors are a mixture of Local and international filmmakers, they update students on the latest techniques and styles which personalize the student’s attention and help them focus on the needs of the industry.

They offer a one-year Diploma program which is compressed in such a way it allows students to finish their education and gain employment in any industry as soon as possible unlike other film schools in the Philippines that go through a four-year program.

At FMA, Students are to create seven film projects throughout their one-year courses such as music videos, short films, documentary films, TV productions, and TV commercials. Their Diploma programs focus on the following listed below;

  • Audio Recording/Audio Post-Production
  • Production Design
  • Editing/Visual Effects
  • Producing
  • Writing
  • Directing
  • Cinematography

FMA Admission Requirements

  • A high school diploma or its equivalent.
  • A 2GB portable hard drive, studio monitor headphones, and SD cards.

FMA program length: 12 Months

Tuition Fees:

  • Diploma in Film & Creative Media Arts: International students $12, 860, Filipino Students $7, 055.
  • Diploma in 3D Animation: International students $5, 660, Filipino students $3, 660.

Visit the school website for more information



If the information so provided above on the best film schools in the Philippines didn’t align with what you are searching for, please visit the school website for more pieces of information or check their social handles mostly Facebook for more pieces of information about each school. Leave your comments in the comment section for reviews.

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