8 Best Welding Schools in Texas

Are you a resident of Texas? Do you love welding? or are you already a welder who wants to acquire a stronger foundation in welding through education in Texas? In this article you will get to know the best welding schools in Texas you can easily get into, their tuition, and requirements.

But before that, I will like to tell you what welding is all about globally, and the advantages and opportunities of being a certified welder in Texas and beyond.

What is Welding?

Welding as a practice is the art of joining two materials usually metals or thermoplastics together by the process of heating, in other words, welding can be said to be a fabrication process where two metals or even more are joined together using a heating process. during this process a filler which is also known as consumable is being added to form the ”join” which is the two parent materials.

Not only is welding a quicker and more efficient technique of fusing two or more materials together but it’s also very reliable and preferable when compared to other when it comes to heavy metal fusing work in applications or industries.

One must set up welding machines in other to fabricate or repair metal parts such as butt and seam resistance, spots, etc.

Do welders make enough money in Texas?

The average salary of a welder in Texas ranges from $46,000- $70,000. Your earning rate as a welder depends on the types of welding work you are doing and your experience, skilled and professional welders make at least $25 per hour while a beginner barely makes $18 per hour.

Is welding a good occupation in Texas?

Welding is a lucrative and rewarding career in Texas, and that’s because a lot of industries are looking for skilled welders to fix and carry out activities that involve metals. Gaining a certificate in this course will also help you establish your worth.

What are the different types of welding/welders in Texas?

Some of the welding works and welders that exist in Texas include:

  • Stick-Shielded-Metal Arc Welding (SMAW)
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW)
  • Flu-Cored Arc Welding (FCAW)
  • Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW)
  • Electron-Beam Welding
  • Laser Beam Welding
  • Electroslag
  • Atomic Hydrogen Welding

Where are the places welders are needed?

Welders are always needed in places in manufacturing and building industries where there is a need to temporarily or permanently join two or more pieces of metals together, places such as:

  • Ships
  • Aircrafts
  • Automotive assembly and manufacturing industries
  • Construction industries
  • Building industries for fixing things such as balcony and fire escape repair, and wrought iron repair
  • Gas and Oil pipeline transportation
  • Railroad Manufacturing e.t.c.

What are the Advantages of Welding?

Welding offers numerous advantages for mechanically inclined people, the demand for welders is on the high side when it comes to industries like construction, manufacturing, building, assembly, technical sales, and engineering companies in general.

The demand for welders keeps increasing every day and the future of this industry is inspiring for people who are eager to embrace and adapt to new technologies.

Like every other art, welding is an art that needs professional training because it’s meaningless to hire a welder without a certificate or degree as welding covers both heating and cutting which needs professional training to achieve.

It is possible to know the ethics of welding on your own. Still, you cannot become a professional welder without proper training, and it is almost impossible getting a good/decent job without a certificate or a degree in welding.

The moment you choose welding as your occupation and career part the first thing you should think of is how to enroll in a school to get a degree or certificate if you want to make it your source of income.

When choosing a career in welding the first thing you should do in other to enjoy the opportunities available in this career field is to get a degree from any of these accredited welding schools in Texas.

Below, you will find well-detailed information regarding the best-accredited welding schools in Texas.


I have made a list of the best welding schools in Texas, read carefully to see their entry requirements, benefits, and cost of study.

  • Lincoln Welding School
  • Elite Welding Academy
  • Premier Welding Academy
  • Tulsa Welding School
  • Arclabs Welding School
  • College of the mainland
  • San Jacinto Community College
  • Hobart Institute of Welding Technology

Lincoln Welding School

This welding school was established in 1895, It is located in Cleveland, Ohio, USA. It is famous and also among the top welding schools in Texas.

They have many locations which span from Denver to the east coast and other notable places in between. Students of this college are trained to be skilled welders of the 21st century.

There are three different welding programs available at Lincoln welding school, two of the three programs have additional training in either pipefitting or metal fabrication.

These three welding programs feature in most used welding processes that are highly needed in industries such as Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), Gas, Metal Arc Welding (GMAW), Metal, Inert Gas (MIG), and Tungsten Inert Gas (TIG).

If you are in look for the best welding schools in Texas to enroll in, then Lincoln Welding School is among the best option for you. With the help of professional mentors available in this school, students start with a depth study of the properties of metals and later on a hands-on training regimen where they learn how to join multiple pieces of metal to their correct specification.

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Elite Pipe Welding Academy

This academy is one of the best in Texas in terms of welding. It came into existence in the year 2006 with the vision to train dedicated individuals who are willing to fill the growing demand for qualified welders in the manufacturing and construction industries.

Elite is nationally recognized as one of the best leading welding schools in Texas, and it is officially approved by the State Board of Career Colleges and Schools since its inception.

Students of this academy are well equipped and prepared for real work conditions through the quality education and instructions given by professionals in the lab and classroom.

If you are looking for the best welding schools in Texas, Elite Pipe Welding Academy shouldn’t be left out because this learning environment is one that will help you grow while it prepares you for an amazing career in welding.

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Premier Welding School

Premier Welding Academy is one of the top welding schools in Texas and it is located in Houston Texas.

Since its existence, the premier welding academy has been producing highly skilled, professional, and experienced welders.

They have the best teaching methodology with qualified teachers and their degrees and certifications are recognized worldwide.

This school has been reviewed 3 times with an average of 5 out of 5, viewers always recommend the school to their family and friends because the school teachers are all equipped to help train their students to be capable of keeping track of success in their welding career.

Below are the frequently reported benefits of a premier welding academy:

  • Good and patient Teachers
  • positive condusive enviroment
  • Flexible class hours
  • Good career preparation
  • Hands-on training

Currently, the Premier welding academy website is not functional but you can definitely reach them on Facebook.

Tulsa Welding School

This is one of the largest welding schools in Texas and beyond with three different functional campuses scattered all over the state.

This welding school offers a seven-month practical which consists of a week of classroom studies and others on a practical field study in both Tulsa and Jacksonville.

Students who enroll in this school are well taught and mentored closely by experienced professionals in the field of the welding industry which help them to weld in a controlled environment.

They offer different kinds of welding including Structural Welding, pipe welding, MIG and flux core welding, and so many others.

It is very famous in the state of Texas and also in the USA as one of the best welding schools in Texas.

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Arclabs Welding School

Arclabs welding school has an exceptional welding program and delivers the best welding programs by giving their student the best training, placement, and qualification. Their students are basically trained for the purpose of employment and also to meet market demand and employers’ needs.

This particular welding industry has instructors and experts who have trained thousands of students starting from beginners to professionals, their instructors are always straight to the point thereby making sure no one falls behind.

Arclabs welding school offers 5 programs that can be completed in less than a year, flexible day and night classes that help their students get good job placement, and several of their students get the job even before graduating.

Below are the eligibility requirements for curriculum-based programs

  • Minimum age of 18 years old
  • High school diploma from a known school
  • Must be capable of meeting the required visual and physical welding career expectations
  • Must visit and tour the campus before classes start
  • Veteran students must be able to submit transcripts from all previous post-secondary institutions attended to be eligible for VA educational benefits.

Arclabs welding school in Texas which is located at 9510 North Rosslyn Houston, TX 77088 can be contacted with the number Local: 281.501.8594 on FAX: is 864236.7666.

To enroll in Welding Technology or Become a certified professional welder you must be able to maintain the tuition fee for any program length you want.

College of Mainland

This is one of the best welding schools in Texas located in Texas City, Texas, United States. This college was launched in the year 1966.

Since its inception, this college has remained a learning-centered and comprehensive college highly dedicated to student’s success which helps them to thrive in a diverse, dynamic, and global environment

which makes them one of the best welding schools in Texas that is interested in the intellectual and economic enrichment of diverse communities.

Some of their current strategic goals include Student success, Employee success, and Facility Improvement.

COM as it is addressed offers numerous study choices such as on-campus courses, online programs, study abroad trips, and also college classes for high school students.

Owing to the fact that welders are highly needed in many companies especially those in manufacturing, this college is set to prepare their students for high-level skills positions in welding such as structural welder, maintenance mechanics, welder-pipefitter, scaffold builders, and millwrights.

Graduates of this college easily gain employment in Oil and Gas settings, Manufacturing and Production settings, Maritime Industry settings, Construction settings, Power Plants settings, and Energy Exploration settings.

Students can easily test to receive a Certified Entry-Level Welder Certification from the American Welding Society after they might have completed their college Entry-Level Welding Certificate and most students may automatically gain job opportunities through this program.

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San Jacinto Community School

San Jacinto is a public community college located in Greater Houston, Texas. Application to this college is free and it accepts students from different levels of study including university students, future students, veterans, transfer students, high school seniors or recent graduates, dual credit/ early admission students, and continuing education/professional studies students.

They tend to produce qualified welders in Texas and beyond who can solve welding-related problems in industries and communities.

In the welding technology program, 80% of their academic learning is based on hands-on experience learning with a curriculum specifically designed to meet the needs of the welding industry.

There is also a mentorship program at San Jacinto College that help to build students and make them successful in their career field coupled with nationally recognized award-winning faculty with real a world experience.

And they partner with different industry leaders to help retain students through internship programs, student who wishes to obtain bachelor’s degrees and other degrees also get the opportunity to further their educations because this college work with four-year universities.

Both day and evening classes are being offered across their three campuses and as well as at their 12 extension centers.

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Hobart Institute of Welding Technology

This institute is one of the best welding schools in Texas, It is accredited by the Accrediting Commission of Career Schools and Colleges (ACCSC) an accrediting agency recognized by the U.S Department of Education.

This institute offers quality training that helps individuals to develop marketable welding skills at a very affordable rate.

As a student of this school, you will get to solve welding-related problems always, you will get to experience new and better welding training methods and training materials which will help you win in a competitive or demanding industry or environment.

There is no discrimination at Hobart Institute of Welding Technology on the basis of race. color, disability, sex, national origin, age, and religion.

This institute has experts and experienced staff who can certify welders on types of ferrous and nonferrous materials such as Titanium, Cobalt, Inconel, and Aluminium and they fought to maintain a complete and efficient computer database and filling system for easy and accurate access.

They offer two different programs, Pathways Welding Program and Structural Welding Programs. The pathway welding programs last for a period of 4o weeks while the Structural welding programs last for a period of 24 weeks.

Welding programs available in Pathway Welding Program

  • Pipe Welder
  • Pipefitter
  • Welder-Fabricator
  • Gas Tungsten Arc Welder
  • Downhill Pipe Welder

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Please kindly note there are other well-to-do welding schools in Texas, the information provided above is strictly based on the most famous welding schools in Texas with functional and active websites. Leave your comment in the comment section for reviews.


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