Top 12 Highest Paying Jobs in India Per Month – 2024/2025

This article will explore the highest paying jobs in India per month and the significance of being one of the top salary earners in a country like India.

India is currently undergoing a rapid transformation, coupled with the presence of well-compensated employment opportunities with multiple benefits.

Many Indians and foreigners living in the country are looking for high-paying jobs to improve their standard of living. This goal is only attainable if individuals are able to investigate the strategies and considerations required to earn a high income in a country like India.

The first strategy for achieving this goal is to obtain a high level of education. Everything good/possible begins with proper education. To obtain this position, you must invest in quality education in order to acquire the knowledge and skills required by the competitive job market.

There is nothing wrong or even surprising in pursuing some of the jobs with high salaries after investing so much in education, that is why we have curated the list of the top 12 highest paying jobs in India to help those in search of a job that pays well in India to achieve their goal and the success they desire.

Top 12 Highest Paying Jobs in India Per Month – 2024/2025

The following are the top 10 highest paying jobs in India for graduates and skilled individuals:

  • Data Scientist
  • Investment Bankers
  • Medicine professionals
  • Information Technology
  • Engineering (Aviation and Aerospace)
  • Finance Professionals
  • Legal Professionals
  • Blockchain Developers
  • Aviation Professionals
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Government Officials
  • Full Stack Software Developers

#1. Highest Paying Jobs in India Per Month – Data Scientist

Data science is described as an interdisciplinary academic field that uses scientific computing, scientific methods, statistics, processes, algorithms, and systems to solve data-related problems.

Data scientists are professionals who create programming code and combine it with statistical knowledge to create insights from data.

They extract knowledge from large data sets and apply it to solve problems in various application domains.

In India, Data scientists are in high demand because as the country continues to grow and develop, most businesses rely on data scientists to run their businesses, and job opportunities in the field are expected to rise to 16,500 by 2025.

Some of the fields one can specialize in to earn a high salary in this career include acquiring skills in machine learning, deep learning, or natural language processing among many others.

The average salary of a data scientist per month in India is ₹1 lakh to ₹1.5 lakh

#2. Highest Paying Jobs in India Per Month – Investment Bankers

Investment banking is among the top monthly paying jobs in India. Investment bankers work as financial advisors to corporations and governments. In India, they help their clients raise money by issuing stock, floating a bond, negotiating the acquisition of a rival company, or arranging the sale of a company.

Some of the things investment bankers do include:

  • Investment bankers help companies, whether big or small, to raise money for business growth and expansion.
  • Investment bankers help companies raise funds through debt or equity financing which enables them to choose the most appropriate type of financing based on their needs and market conditions.
  • Investment bankers help companies to be known by the public by facilitating the process of issuing and selling shares to the public for the first time.
  • Investment bankers help companies buy and sell other companies and provide advice on the financial aspects of these transactions.

How to become an investment banker

  • A Bachelor’s degree in a relevant field, such as finance, economics, or business, is required.
  • Gain relevant experience in the finance industry through internships or entry-level positions.
  • Consider getting a Master’s in finance or an MBA to boost your credentials.
  • To demonstrate expertise, obtain certifications such as the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).
  • Network with industry professionals, apply to investment banking firms and prepare for interviews to land a job as an investment banker.

The average salary of an investment banker per month is ₹ 33,849 – ₹ 35,106.

#3. Highest Paying Jobs in India Per Month – Medical Professionals

Medical professionals earn attractive monthly salaries in India which makes this career one of the highest-paying careers in India. Medical professionals in India are being compensated very well for their work.

Surgeons: Surgeons earn a very attractive salary in India. Especially those in specialized fields like neurosurgery or cardiovascular surgery, their skill and expertise in performing compiler surgeries help to save a lot of lives.

Specialist Doctors: Specialized doctors such as cardiologists, oncologists, and neurologists earn attractive salaries in India. This is because they have advanced knowledge of medicine and the critical nature of their work in treating patients.

Generally, Surgeons perform critical surgeries to save and improve the lives and well-being of individuals. At the same time, specialists provide specialized medical care to patients which contributes to the treatment and prevention of diseases thereby improving public health.

The average salary of medical professionals per month in India is ₹40,255  –  ₹72,831 

#4. Highest Paying Jobs in India Per Month – IT Manager

Information Technology is currently one of the most sought-after careers in India, and people in this field are among the highest paid professionals in India.

In India, the information technology industry comprises information technology services and business process outsourcing and the country is the largest exporter of IT.

IT managers in India are responsible for planning, implementing, and maintaining various organizations’ IT infrastructure. They are in high demand because they are important in managing businesses’ technological aspects to ensure smooth operations and maximize efficiency.

Given the increasing reliance on technology in various industries, there is a growing demand for skilled IT Managers.

Software Engineers: These set of workers under information technology develop and maintain software solutions that help to improve the efficiency and productivity in industries contributing to technological advancements.

Data Scientists: These set workers under information technology help to analyze data which drives informed decision-making in different fields in other to improve services and products.

Machine Learning Engineers: These set of workers under information technology contribute to the development of AI applications that enhance automation, efficiency, and innovation in large sectors.

To earn very high as an IT manager, you need to have strong leadership skills, good communication skills, and problem-solving skills. It would be best if you also stay updated with the latest industry trends—your ability to navigate complex technological landscapes and offer solutions positions you for a higher salary.

The average salary of IT managers per month in India is ₹78.3k.

#5. Highest Paying Jobs in India Per Month – Engineering

Engineering is among the top-paying professions in India. It is one of the most desired fields, with nearly half of all students in the country aspiring to be engineers.

India has the most engineers, as well as the most engineering educational institutes, in the world. These professionals are an integral part of every industry in the world.

Top 10 Highest Paying Engineering Jobs in India

  •  Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Engineering
  • Software Engineering / IT 
  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Big Data Engineering
  • Nuclear Engineering
  • Electronics and Communication Engineering
  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Chemical Engineering

The average salary of engineers per month in India is ₹ 25,000 to ₹100,000.

#6. Highest Paying Jobs in India Per Month- Finance Professionals

Financial professionals are among the top earners in India. They are fiduciaries who work and always act in the interest of their clients. Financial professionals take a holistic approach to financial planning and look at both long-term and short-term goals.

Chartered Accountants: Financial professionals who are chartered accountants play an important role in ensuring the financial health and compliance of businesses, they use their expertise in finance for planning, auditing, and taxation.

Financial Analysts: Financial professionals who are financial analysts check the market trends, economic conditions, and company performance to provide detailed insights for investment decisions, they contribute to effective financial planning and risk management with their analytical skills.

The average salary of finance professionals per month in India is ₹26,961.

#7. Highest Paying Jobs in India Per Month – Legal Professionals

The legal profession is one of the most prestigious and old occupations in almost every society in the world which involves an advocate or a lawyer being a member of the profession, who represents the aggrieved. Legal professionals often command high fees in India for their legal expertise.

This profession encompasses all occupational roles dedicated to the administration and upkeep of the legal system, including judges, lawyers, counselors, and experts in legal education and scholarship.

Senior Lawyers: Senior lawyers earn high by carrying out their duties which involve ensuring justice, upholding the rule of law, and providing legal expertise that contributes to the resolution of disputes and the functioning of a just and orderly society.

The average salary of legal professionals per month in India is ₹24,230.

#8. Highest Paying Jobs in India Per Month – Blockchain Developers

Blockchain is one of the hottest jobs in India. Blockchain developers earn a huge amount of money just by transforming the financial and banking sectors’ operations. India has many blockchain companies that are currently taking over the world with their ideas and innovation.

Banks and financial institutions in India are currently exploring blockchain to improve the efficiency of transactions, reduce fraud, and enhance security.

Those involved in creating solutions for fintech applications, digital payments, and cryptocurrency platforms are always at the forefront of innovation, contributing to the financial evolution of the country (India).

Numerous startups are also exploring blockchain applications from supply chain management to decentralized finance (DeFi) platforms.

Blockchain developers play a crucial role in shaping the technological landscape and earning lucrative compensation for their contributions to society.

As India continues to position itself as a technological innovation hub, blockchain developers play an important role, commanding high salaries as they drive blockchain’s transformative impact across various industries in the country.

The average salary of a blockchain developer per month in India is ₹ 45,597 – ₹ 46,678.

#9. Highest Paying Jobs in India Per Month – Pharmaceutical Industry

Those in the pharmaceutical industry earn massively in India because the country needs their vaccines to survive, and so does the world at large.

In India, the pharmaceutical industries major in segments that include; generic drugs, contract research and manufacturing, Biosililars and biologics, vaccines, OTC medicine, and bulk drugs.

The country is one of the world’s largest suppliers of low-cost vaccines. They produce 60% of the world’s vaccines, accounting for up to 70% of the WHO demand for Diphtheria, Tetanus, and Pertussis (DPT) and Bacillus Calmette-Guérin (BCG) vaccines and 90% of the WHO demand for measles vaccine.

Scientists and researchers who invest years into finding and developing new pharmaceutical compounds, conducting extensive clinical trials and navigating the complex regulatory landscape command high salaries for the values they provide in the pharmaceutical industry.

The average salary of medical scientists per month in India is ₹69,698.

#10. Highest Paying Jobs in India Per Month – Aviation Professionals

This career is one of the highest paying careers to pursue in India. Professionals in this field often earn high salaries because of the nature of their job which is critical, and the roles they play in ensuring safe, efficient, and global air.

These pilots have responsibilities that extend beyond simply flying aircraft, they manage complex navigation systems, make crucial decisions during challenging moments, and ensure the safety of passengers and crew.

Maintenance engineers, particularly those certified to work on advanced aircraft and avionics systems, frequently earn high salaries due to the critical role they play in ensuring the operational integrity of the fleet.

This is a lucrative sector for individuals seeking heavy financial rewards and fulfilling careers in India.

The average salary of aviation professionals per month in India is ₹7,80,839.

#11. Highest Paying Jobs in India Per Month – Government Officials

Being a government official attracts good pay. Government officials earn massively just by carrying out government duties and serving the people.

It is so due to the challenging nature of their roles, the responsibilities they shoulder, and the competitive nature of their job.

The high salary being earned by government officials is a means of appreciating and retaining them for their skills and dedication toward effective governance and administration.

Salary of Indian government officials:

  • resident ₹500,000
  • Vice-President ₹400,000
  • Prime Minister ₹280,000
  • Governors of States ₹350,000
  • Chief Justice of India ₹280,000
  • Judges of the Supreme Court of India ₹250,000
  • Chief Election Commissioner of India ₹250,000
  • Chief Justice of High Courts ₹250,000
  • Member of Parliament of India ₹100,000
  • Salary of chief ministers of all states as of 2019
  • Telangana ₹410,000
  • Delhi ₹400,000
  • Uttar Pradesh ₹365,000
  • Maharashtra ₹340,000
  • Andhra Pradesh ₹335,000
  • Gujarat ₹321,000
  • Himachal Pradesh ₹310,000
  • Haryana ₹288,000
  • Jharkhand ₹272,000
  • Madhya Pradesh ₹255,000
  • Chhattisgarh ₹230,000
  • Punjab ₹230,000
  • Goa ₹220,000
  • Bihar ₹215,000
  • West Bengal ₹210,000
  • Tamil Nadu ₹205,000
  • Karnataka ₹200,000
  • Sikkim ₹190,000
  • Tripura ₹185,500
  • Kerala ₹185,000
  • Mizoram [b] ₹184,000
  • Rajasthan ₹175,000
  • Uttarakhand ₹175,000
  • Odisha ₹165,000
  • Meghalaya ₹150,000
  • Arunachal Pradesh ₹133,000
  • Assam ₹125,000
  • Manipur ₹120,000
  • Puducherry ₹120,000
  • Nagaland ₹110,000

#12. Highest Paying Jobs in India Per Month – Full Stack Software Developers

In India, the demand for software developers including full-stack developers is currently on the rise and it is one of the highest paying jobs in India.

People in this field are experts in the development of both the front end and back end of software or website. They build websites from scratch and are among the highest paid in India.

The average salary of a software developer per month in India is ₹55,140.


According to research, the jobs provided in this article are the highest paying jobs in India. They are highly rewarding, unlike other jobs. I hope this answers your question about the highest paying jobs in India. If you have any confusion or questions, comment in the comment section.


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