20 Best Dental Courses in the USA for International Students

Dental courses are courses aimed at teaching students about oral health which is a crucial area of medical study. There are discoveries regarding various oral organs, although most research focuses on teeth, gums, etc. The simplest definition of dental courses is one in which students study how to protect teeth from harm and how to treat individuals who are experiencing tooth discomfort.

Students can enter the health and medical industries with dental programs offered in the USA. International students are not left out either. There are recognized dental courses in the USA for international students that you can enroll in and attend to get the fundamental knowledge you need to study dentistry if you are a non-residential student who is interested in becoming a well-known dentist.

Dental courses in the USA for international students cover all of the following: repairing new teeth, removing and cleaning them, and assisting patients in adhering to instructions. The curriculum for the course is established for the student’s education following the study handbook, which combines theory and practice on mock teeth. This article educates you on why you should consider taking studying dentistry in the USA, the best dental courses in the USA for international students available, and how you can apply to them.

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Why Should I Take the Dental Courses in the USA for International Students?

  • In the QS World University Rankings 2022 for dentistry, 16 US universities were ranked.
  • The universities provide an effective dental sciences curriculum as well as other medical courses.
  • Numerous funding opportunities are available to international students.
  • In a developed nation, universities also offer the cutting-edge technologies required for medical sciences.
  • According to U.S. News and World Report 2020, dentists are among the 10 highest-paying professions in the US.
  • The study, research, and training options available through universities are vast.
  • According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, there will be an increase of more than 9,800 jobs, or 8.1%, in dentist employment between 2020 and 2030.
  • Students who earn their master’s degrees in the USA by taking dental courses in the USA for international students can find well-paying employment inside and outside the nation.

Requirements for International Students to Study Dentistry in the USA

It is relatively easy to apply to study dental courses in the USA for international students. Students from all over the world are invited to apply to US universities and submit an application. Additionally, numerous scholarships are available to international students, which they can simply apply for. However, to apply to study dental courses in the USA for international students, one must take the TOEFL, or Test of English as a Foreign Language. This is to say that to be admitted to American universities, international students must have a valid TOEFL score.

Interested candidates can go ahead to register on the official website of the university of their choice and fill out the application with all the necessary information. Universities frequently want specific paperwork from applicants, like a letter of recommendation or referral, a student visa, a statement of purpose, etc.

Concerning the TOEFL score, various universities have various standards in terms of grades or scores. But every university requires applicants to submit a copy of their bachelor’s degree certificate. Additionally, some colleges look at the rate or score you received for your achievement in a previous degree.

To admit students, certain universities conduct admission exams. A CV could also be required in some circumstances. 

These are essentially the standard prerequisites that dental schools in the US often have to study dental courses in the USA for international students. After submitting your application, you will receive a confirmation email with a link to check its status.

Complete the enrollment process for admission while you wait for the admission decision.

Finally, submit an F-1 student visa application as soon as you receive your acceptance letter.

How do I Apply to Dental Schools in the USA as an International Student?

The fall and spring semesters are the two application seasons open to interested candidates who desire to study dental courses in the USA for international students. However, international students must follow a step-by-step process to get admitted to American universities: 

  • The fall or spring semesters are open to applications from international students.
  • Before being admitted, they must present a statement of purpose (SOP).
  • A letter of recommendation (LOR) is frequently needed by institutions.
  • To study in the USA, a foreign student needs a student visa.
  • Additionally, the college requires a CV or resume from international students.
  • For the selection process, the candidates must take an admission exam.
  • The candidates might additionally need to meet any additional requirements for eligibility set forth by the individual universities.

Dental Courses in the USA for International Students

In the United States, the following degree programs are offered in dentistry:

  • DDS – Doctor of Dental Surgery
  • DMD – Doctor of Dental Medicine

DDS and DMD are identical programs since they both follow the same curriculum. These are comparable to Bachelor of Dental Surgery (BDS) in Indian standards.

To attain these degrees (DDS or DMD), an integration of theory and practice is very important. The main way to achieve this homogenous mix of theory and practice is through early instruction and learning in the context of clinical practice. As a result, right from your first year, clinical subjects are to be offered alongside the fundamental dental courses in the USA for international students. This enables connections to be drawn between the behavioral sciences and patient care, as well as the relationship between disease processes and bodily structure and function.

Most of the best dental courses in the USA for international students are structured based on the following five themes:

1. Disease and Human Health

2. Dental Health and Disease: The Mouth

3. Clinical Proficiency

    •  Diagnostic Abilities
    • Manual Dexterity and Skills
    • Management of Patients 
    • Problem Solving

4. Scientific understanding and thought

5. Reflective practice, teamwork, and communication skills

These themes are carefully explored to ensure that your knowledge and abilities advance during the four or five years of study.


The 20 Best Dental Courses in the USA for international students

In our previous post, we discussed the list of the cheapest dental schools in the USA for International students. In today’s list, we have compiled the best dental Courses in the USA for International Students. These are courses that should be included in the curriculum of any school you choose as they make you better qualified for a degree in dentistry. The courses include:

1. Fundamentals of Clinical Dentistry

    • Operative Dentistry
    • Occlusion

2. Physiology

3. Dental Anatomy

4. Cardiology and Preventive Therapies

5. Clinical Practice and Professionalism

6. Introduction to Evidence-based Dentistry

7. Oral Radiology 

8. Fixed Prosthodontics

9. Microbiology

10. Human Pathology

11. Pharmacology

12. Oral Pathology

13. Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

14. Periodontic Methods

15. Anesthesia and Pain Control

16. Pediatric Dentistry

17. Critical Thinking in Treatment Planning

18. Endodontics

19. Implant Education

20. Digital Technologies

 Different dental schools in the USA may have a mix of these courses (they may even be named differently) and more. Completing these 20 dental courses in the USA for international students listed here makes you fully equipped and qualified for the DDS degree.

What is the application process for international students applying to dental schools?

International Students can apply to study dental courses in the USA for international students through the ADEA Associated American Dental Schools Application Service (ADEA AADSAS), which serves as the central application service for dental schools in the United States. Students must complete the application and take the DAT exam to enroll in any dental school in the USA. International students are also required to the TOEFL or submit other proof of their English language speaking ability.

Are there specific entrance exams required for international students?

The DAT also referred to as the Dental Admission Test is a test required to be considered for admission to dental schools in the United States and Canada. DAT is required to be taken by all students aspiring to study dental courses in the USA for international students and resident students. The American Dental Association, or ADA, administers the test.

Can international students practice dentistry in the USA after completing their dental degree?

DDS or DMD program graduates can sit for state or regional board exams to qualify for dental licensure and practice in the United States. For dentists trained abroad, many US dental schools provide advanced training programs, which are a reduced version of their regular curriculum, usually completed within 2 to 3 years.

With the help of advanced training (or advanced standing) programs, foreign-trained dentists can become licensed in the US and be allowed to practice in any state.  The only alternative that would allow a dentist who received their training outside of the US to be licensed in any US state (after passing the necessary licensing criteria) is an Advanced Training Program.


The list of the courses above gives you a clue of what to expect from dental schools in the United States. If you think these dental courses in the USA for international students are robust enough and you have the requirements this article specifies, then go ahead and submit your application. Take the first step to becoming a renowned dentist today.


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