Top 10 Best Autism Schools in Ohio

Are you a resident of Ohio? Do you have an autistic child who requires special needs? Worried if there are good autism schools in Ohio where you can enroll your child or ward with special needs?

In this article, you will get to know the top autism schools in Ohio designed for autistic children, where they will be able to mix and learn with people in the same condition as theirs.

Knowing the struggle parents and guardians of Autistic children face, we have tried to be accurate with the information provided here. Also, we didn’t rank any school here, we are only writing about the top 10 extremely good schools for autistic children in Ohio.

Being an Autistic child can be enfeebling both to the child and the parents, this is because all needs of this child must be attended to specially. Hence, parents and guardians are often urged to search for therapeutic, academic, and social programs that go beyond the special education resources available in an average public school.

Ideally, such schools use treatment procedures and techniques with a documented history of efficacy that have been well investigated and shown to significantly help autistic children.

Therefore, the decision to make while selecting a school for an Autistic child is a weighty responsibility that would have an everlasting impact on the child’s life and family.

Because of this challenge, parents and guardians are urged to help their autistic child. And this is why we are offering this article for children with autism in Ohio.

The role of Parents and guardians of children with autism can’t be overemphasized. As you read this article you can also talk to many other parents, guardians, and, special education advocates who have sources of information regarding schools best for your Autistic child in Ohio.

Hence, these are the top ten autism schools in Ohio listed and discussed below.

Top 10 Autism Schools in Ohio

The signs of Autism generally appear in immaturity. Still, they might not become apparent until a child is two or three times old. Sometimes, it’s discovered much later in life. But once it’s discovered, specific treatments should begin for that child immediately no matter the cost.

The following are the top autism schools in Ohio:

  • Autism Academy Of Learning
  • Autism Model School
  • Bridgeway Academy and Therapy Center
  • Monarch Center for Autism
  • New Story Schools
  • The Center For Autism And Dyslexia
  • Columbus Special Education
  • Oakstone Academy Pre-school
  • The Learning Spectrum, Ltd.
  • Dahlberg Gibson Learning Center
  • Julie Brilliant

#1. Autism Academy Of Learning

The Autism Academy of Learning (AAL) located in Columbus, Ohio, is an intimately funded duty academy furnishing time-round educational services to scholars with autism in a terrain that fosters acceptance, trust, and success.

The AAL was innovated in 2001 by parents of scholars with autism who wanted a volition to traditional seminaries in the Toledo area. The authors created a probative terrain concentrated on the acclimatizing of academic and vocational services to the unique requirements of each pupil.

Enrolling your autistic child with AAL would be a nice thing to do because this academy is structured to provide every autistic child with an appropriate foundation in the areas of academics, behavior, daily living skills, vocational skills, and independence.

The common goal of this noble academy is to promote a higher life for autistic children helping them to realize and acknowledge their strength and potential.

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#2. Autism Model School

Autism Model School is a duty academy located in Toledo, Ohio, which is in a large megacity setting. It was founded in 1998 by a group of parents who each had a child with autism, we’re a tuition-free community school located in Toledo, Ohio.

The pupil population of Autism Model School is ninety-seven and the academy serves two – twelve. The academy’s nonage pupil registration is forty-one. The pupil-school-teacher rate is seven, which is the same as that of the quarter.

AMS pupil population is made up of twenty female scholars and eighty male scholars. There are thirteen original full-time preceptors.

Every student is a star at Autism Model School! With the help of their caring team and evidence-based teaching methods, this school offers a life-changing.

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#3. Bridgeway Academy and Therapy Center

Innovated by Abby David and Erin Nealy in 2005, Bridgeway Academy aims to help each child reach his or her loftiest eventuality.

This noble institution is a full-day private school program specially designed for children with autism and other developmental disabilities.

Bridgeway Academy accomplishes this by furnishing outstanding academy day, summer camp, and inpatient remedy services in speech, music, physical and occupational curatives with a staff of over two hundred certified preceptors, therapists, psychologists, and Board Certified Behavior Judges.

Bridgeway also offers a Peer Model Program for ty[ically -developing Preschoolers and Kindergarteners.

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#4. Monarch Center for Autism

Located in Cleveland, Ohio, Monarch Center for Autism offers a comprehensive array of domestic, early nonage, educational, transition, pre-vocational, and community programs for individualities periods three through twenty-one with Autism Spectrum complaint( ASD).

Their degreed, certified, and endured staff deliver a range of remedial services intended to maximize each existent’s unique strengths and capacities.

Monarch’s visual language absorption tutoring Model, which combines visual supports, technology, and Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA), leverages the strong visual processing capacities of individuals with autism.

Monarch Center for Autism is a division of Bellefaire JCB, one of the nation’s largest and most educated child service agencies. What a nice place to send your Austistic ward.

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#5. New Story Schools

New Story Schools located in Columbus, Ohio, focuses on removing walls for all children. They give a terrain that promotes academic, social, and emotional growth for all individuals with Autism Spectrum diseases and emotional support requirements.

New Story Schools Ohio focuses on using geste wisdom and an approach that’s customized to the requirements of each pupil to make success.

New Story Schools primarily serves scholars on the autism diapason in small class sizes at seminaries that maintain Ohio’s Department of Education exemptions. Though autism is the most common opinion at New Story, this school also serves scholars with numerous other experimental disabilities.

Their multi-disciplinary team works closely with the family, the school district, and other professionals in the student’s life to create an individualized program to meet the student’s needs.

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Autism Schools in Ohio
Autism Schools in Ohio

#6. The Center For Autism And Dyslexia

The Center for Autism and Dyslexia is a private academy located in Lima, Ohio. It has seventy-eight scholars in grades K-12 with a pupil-school-teacher rate of ten to one. This way, a teacher can cater to the immediate needs of a child.

Their pupil population faces a variety of disabilities including Autism, Emotional Disturbance, and other Health Impairments.

This academy focuses on substantiated academic, behavioral, and transitional pretensions to ensure your child’s growth.

Their caring staff of educational specialists works to make sure your child graduates and can also help your child return to the public academy.

This is to say, though Autism may not have a permanent cure, the Educational Specialists in these schools help to curb and minimize this disability to the lowest minimum to enable the child to associate and interact with other kids without autism.

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#7. Columbus Special Education

The Office of Special Education at Columbus City Schools is committed to offering academic and behavioral support to scholars with disabilities so they can achieve academic excellence, develop independent living, and be ready for the pool or Post-secondary education as they enter the majority.

Because every pupil has the right to a free, applicable education that meets their specific requirements, Columbus City Schools provides services to kiddies with a variety of special needs.

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#8. Oakstone Academy Pre-school

In Central Ohio, there’s a superb private academy called Oakstone Academy. As a premier absorption academy, its charge is to offer children from preschool through grade twelve stylish academic and leadership openings via its distinctive vision embedded in their original community.

They understand that there are hyperactive autistic children and so, they give a huge selection of recreational and curricular conditioning. Non-traditional scholars can enroll in their council-position courses, which offer live, in-person instruction in real time.

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#9. The Learning Spectrum

The Learning Spectrum located in Columbus, Ohio, was innovated in 2005 by two special education preceptors, a parent, and a community member who honored the need for a wide range of services for kiddies with an autism diapason complaint.

The Learning Spectrum’s overarching thing is to offer families services acclimatized to suit the unique conditions of children with autism and related services both outside and outdoors of the academy terrain.

It now serves children at four different locales as well as private seminaries across the mega city after experiencing significant growth over time.

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#10. Dahlberg Gibson Learning Center

Dahlberg Gibson Learning Center located in Columbus, Ohio, is an intervention program for young children with intellectual and experimental disabilities.

Hattie Larlham’s Dahlberg Gibson Learning Center is an intervention program for babies, toddlers, and preschool-age children with intellectual and experimental disabilities. Children may attend half-day morning or autumn sessions.

Dahlberg Gibson’s Early Intervention program is an amalgamated model of both home-grounded coaching and academy-grounded programming.

Early Intervention Specialists visit the children’s homes and give acclimatized guidance to parents and guardians.

During their in-academy sessions, children share in programming erected around social chops development, intervention, and remedy services.

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Scholarships available for autistic students in Ohio

The following are the scholarships available to autistic students in Ohio:

  • Autism Scholarship Program (ASP)
  • Jon Peterson Special Needs Scholarship (JPSN)
  • Step Up For Students scholarship program
  • Local Autism Organization Scholarships
  • Community Foundations Scholarships
  • College Scholarships


The above schools through research are the most updated and and active autism schools in Ohio where you can enroll your child for maximum care and attention. Kindly visit each school’s website to find more information on the school as well as know their tuition and the scholarships available in each school.


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