Top 10 Best Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Utah

Do you know Utah is a powerful State in the U.S.? Are you a resident of Utah? Have you heard or read about the numerous Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Utah? Do you have a troubled child you would love to enroll in one of the best Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Utah?

You are in the right article because in this article you will get to know the top 10 Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Utah that will be most suitable for that child to grow, heal, and succeed.

Utah is a state in the Mountain West area of the Western United States. Six states border it. Utah was admitted to the Union on January 4, 1896, making it the 45th official state to join the ranks. The state is nicknamed The Beehive State. Its population is over 3.3 million.

Education in Utah has a long history that has led to a more efficient education system throughout the state. The education system started to take shape in 1847 when Mormon pioneers arrived in Utah state.

Public education in Utah follows the K-12 system in which students attend primary and secondary schools, of which there are three kinds throughout the state: public, charter, and private.

In Utah, Therapeutic Boarding Schools are behavioral restoration facilities that accommodate and therapeutically treat troubled teenagers.

These Boarding Schools give a balanced curriculum of therapeutic and academic assistance that requires students to live on campus from anywhere between 9 to 18 months.

So as a parent to a troubled child or youth, it is your responsibility to make a decision and select a therapeutic boarding school that will be most suitable for your child. Let’s dig in!

Top 10 Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Utah

Someone who is considered to be a troubled teen or child might develop no interest in school at all. They can be violent, depressed, suicidal, abusive, or self-harming behavior. A troubled youth is a person who is facing conditions that negatively impact their academic and social progress.

Over the years, Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Utah have proven to have retained success back to these sets of people. Success includes academic success, job readiness, and financial independence.

The following are the top 10 therapeutic boarding schools in Utah:

  • New Haven School, North
  • Crossroads Academy
  • Stillwater Academy
  • White River Academy
  • Gateway Academy
  • Fieldstone Academy
  • Eagle Ranch Academy
  • Sundance Canyon Academy
  • Logan River Academy
  • Alpine Academy

#1. New Haven School, North

New Haven School is a private all-girls school with a student population of 32 and a student-teacher ratio of 5:1. The average class size at New Haven School is 12 students.

Its campus is located at Saratoga Spring, UTAH. New Haven School started as a one-room schoolhouse in 1996 but now contains several classrooms and other academic buildings, yet they are small enough to allow teachers to focus on the individual needs of each student.

Each campus is staffed with a full academic team so that we can provide a traditional college preparatory environment for our students. This allows for teacher-led instruction, small class sizes, and academic support.

Many of their students have suffered from one or more emotional issues, such as traumatic stress, depression, anxiety, or substance abuse with little relief, often despite multiple hospitalizations or therapeutic placements. However, New Haven’s long history of working successfully with complex emotional and psychiatric issues and its commitment to ongoing outcome tracking tells you more than 80% of our graduates never need another residential placement.

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#2. Crossroads Academy

Crossroads Academy is located in Ogden, Utah, and was founded in 2007. Crossroads serves adolescent boys 14-18 years old in a home environment. They specialize in treating substance abuse and the underlying issues that play into that abuse (i.e. depression, learning difficulties, anxiety, low self-esteem, and ODD).

Crossroads Academy has established itself as a leader in adolescent treatment and has set the standard for adventure and recreation in a treatment environment that allows students to thrive while being away from family and friends.

Crossroads is based on a motivational enhancement approach (Evidence-Based Treatment), grounded in client autonomy. Equally important is Relational Psychotherapy where therapists and staff empower clients to create healthy relationships. This school is fully accredited by the Northwest  Accreditation Commission (AdvancED).

They are also known for their emphasis on outdoor adventure to cultivate passions and live life in the moment. This is accomplished through snowboarding, wakeboarding/surfing, rock climbing, skateboarding, backpacking, and hiking.

Every student at Crossroads Academy is being made college and career-ready which will address his needs and skills.

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#3. Stillwater Academy

Stillwater Academy is a non-religious therapeutic boarding school for troubled teens. They provide behavioral therapy for troubled teen boys and girls. It is located in South Jordan, Utah, and was founded in 1988.

Stillwater Academy has over 30 years of experience in helping students struggling with challenges such as anxiety, depression, trauma, addiction (substance, electronic, and gaming), family conflict, neurodiversity, ASD Level 1, and more. They help students of the age 13-17 with student to teacher ratio is 6:1.

Their highly trained housing staff provides students a place to practice the new skills they are learning in a family setting that provides warmth, support, love, consistency, and an evidence-based, family systems approach guides the work we do. Student to teacher ratio is 6:1.

Acceptance is based on a combination of a review of the student’s current and past history of behavior, and consultation with parents and/or professionals.

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#4. White River Academy

White River Academy is a leading Residential Treatment Center for adolescent boys ages 12 to 18. White River Academy is a private, all-boys school located in Delta, Utah. They have grades 7-12 with a student-teacher ratio of 7:1. After graduation, 80% of students from this school go on to attend a 4-year college.

White River Academy is a special troubled teen school because it uses the powerful and proven positive peer culture system to teach teens accountability, responsibility, teamwork, self-reliance, and self-awareness.

White River Academy has a highly experienced team of Medical Professionals, Therapists, Teachers, and Staff Members who partner with families to help their sons heal through a wide range of trauma, compulsions, and or addictions.

This Academy is a great choice because it provides invaluable life skills, lasting recovery support, academic discipline, and hope for your son.

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Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Utah
Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Utah

#5. Gateway Academy

Located in Draper, Utah. Gateway Academy is a trusted, sophisticated, multi-faceted treatment center for teenage boys. By addressing each youth individually, their evidence-based therapy ensures healing and healthy development.

They create intentional interactions. From therapy to academics, outdoor adventures to social encounters, every interaction is designed to contribute to your child’s healing and growth.

The teen who enters Gateway is not the same one who leaves. Gateway’s therapy components are outstanding. They have been serving adolescent boys since 2002.

What distinguishes Gateway from other treatment programs and schools, is an emphasis on brain-based learning and healing within relationships.

In a bid to individualize the treatment of students, they first work on understanding what is happening in an adolescent’s brain. This approach helps to meet the needs of their students.

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#6. Fieldstone Academy

Fieldstone is a small boarding school located in Richfield, Utah. It is one of the best small therapeutic boarding schools for teens ages 13-19 in the U.S. Fieldstone is known as a Center of Academic Recovery.

The students of this prestigious academy come with a background of anxiety and frustration in school. They have huge potential, but they need more help to unlock it so they provide that help, and take away the frustration and a lot of the anxiety.

At Fieldstone Academy, the student population is 5. The school’s minority student enrollment is 40.0% and the student-teacher ratio is 2:1.

Fieldstone Academy focuses on academic recovery and family living. Students have rich experiences that teach them hard work and responsibility.

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#7. Eagle Ranch Academy

Eagle Ranch Academy is CARF-accredited, to offer therapy for troubled teens. It’s our work to help parents and teens get their lives back on track. They are located in St George, Utah.

Eagle Ranch Academy helps teens overcome abuse, depression, anxiety, gaming addiction, phone addiction, behavioral health, and lack of respect for authority.

Founded in 2005, they are a Choice Based Program. Therefore, they use the Core Value Behavioral Change Model. They teach and emphasize eight basic core values through Individual, Family, and Group therapy.

The beautiful, scenic area that surrounds Eagle Ranch removes modern distractions and promotes emotional growth. Eagle Ranch Academy is one of the top therapeutic boarding schools and residential treatment centers for troubled teenagers in Utah.

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#8. Sundance Canyon Academy

Sundance Canyon Academy is a licensed, residential treatment program that utilizes a highly specialized, therapeutic approach in treating young boys, ages 13-17 years old, whose lives are jeopardized by emotional and behavioral issues.

Sundance Canyon Academy in Herriman, Utah serves students in grades 9-12. Sundance Canyon Academy is a therapeutic center that provides education, treatment, and experiential learning to adolescent males.

In addition to our therapeutic and academic offerings, they also offer learning in social situations and environments that help teach new behaviors, responsibilities, and awareness while fostering awareness.

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#9. Logan River Academy

A private therapeutic boarding school located in Logan, Utah. Logan River Academy was founded in 2000. The school, teachers, and therapists have met the individual learning needs of students struggling with a wide range of social and emotional issues like ADHD, anxiety, depression, academic struggles, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and mild substance abuse, among many others.

All faculty members at Logan River Academy are certified, and the curriculum includes 7th through 12th grade classes. Class sizes are small with an average class size of 9 students with attentive and supportive teachers.

Logan River Academy has helped shape a brighter path for hundreds of 12-18-year-olds of all genders who were having difficulties in their homes, communities, and schools.

Their over 20 years of experience have shaped them to achieve success in meeting the needs of troubled teens, both boys and girls.

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#10. Alpine Academy

Alpine Academy is located in Erda, Utah. It is a Private Therapeutic Boarding School for both boys and girls. Alpine Academy is accredited and implements an evidence-based treatment model.

Alpine academic teachers are dual-endorsed in their content area and special education. Our therapists have a 95% positive parent feedback rating, and an 85% positive rating from students.

Alpine’s greatest academic assets are caring teachers who are committed to helping students succeed. Small class sizes, individualized academic plans, and robust curriculum options contribute to our graduates’ educational success.

At Alpine Academy, students discover positive abilities they didn’t know they had. Alpine Academy was created in 2001 as a program of Utah Youth Village, a nonprofit organization founded in 1969. They are now a nationally certified Teaching-Family Model treatment program.

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How much does it cost to enroll a child in Therapeutic Boarding Schools in Utah?

Utah is home to more than 100 therapeutic boarding schools, which is triple the national average across the United States. For a price usually between $1,500 to $12,000 a month, parents can send their child away for an average stay lasting from 9 to 18 months.

The cost of a therapeutic or residential boarding school in Utah is usually dependent on the level of care needed by the troubled child.

The cost of therapeutic boarding schools in Utah can be expensive due to their employment of master’s degree level therapists, higher levels of safety precautions, and more staff equipped and trained to handle emergencies.

Licensed and Accredited Therapeutic Schools in Utah.

The following are a shortlist of Licensed and Accredited Therapeutic Schools in Utah:

  • Eagle Ranch Academy.
  • Crossroads Academy.
  • Alpine Academy.
  • Logan River Academy.
  • Stillwater Academy.
  • Soreson’s Ranch School.
  • New Haven Academy.


Through research, the above-listed therapeutic boarding schools are the most active and updated in Utah, United States of America where you can enroll troubled teens and youths for maximum care and attention. For more information, kindly visit each school’s website for tuition and acceptance procedures. You can also learn more about what each school has to offer to your child and family at large, which can assist in your decision-making for your school of choice.


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