List of Best Engineering Schools in Imo State, Nigeria

On a systematic foundation, engineering mixes creativity and practicality. Engineering is the ingenious utility of medical ideas to the design or improvement of buildings, equipment, gear, business techniques, or works making use of them separately or in combination, or to the development or operation of the same at the same time as absolutely cognizant in their design.

Engineers are specialists who build and hold the physical things that make residing easy. Read through this article to find the approved engineering schools in Imo State, Nigeria.

When you consider that there are many subfields inside engineering, it’s far a rather vast field. If you’re considering going into engineering as a career, you must select a selected vicinity of engineering that you experience and pursue it.

You could select any engineering path of your preference, inclusive of mechanical, electric, and digital engineering, to say the least. We can observe what it takes to look at engineering in Nigeria in this put up, inclusive of the necessities, the duration of time it takes, and different critical info you ought to be aware of concerning engineering in Nigeria.

Engineering Schools in Imo State

There are three (3) universities in Imo State offering engineering in Imo State, one is a federal university and the remaining two are state universities.

Federal institutions offer education at considerably lower tuition fees compared to other state and private universities. Government colleges are known for their well-established institutes and resources. These institutions invest in creating conducive learning environments with well-equipped lecture theaters, libraries, laboratories, and research facilities. The availability of comprehensive resources supports hands-on learning, exploration, and the overall educational growth of students.

A state university system in Nigeria is a group of public universities supported by an individual state, territory, or federal district. These structures constitute most people at public-funded universities within Nigeria.

A country’s university system typically manages a single legal entity and management but may include several institutions, every with its own identity as a university.

State universities get subsidies from their states. The quantity of the subsidy varies from university to university and state to state, but the impact is to decrease lessons fees beneath those of personal universities for college students from that state or district. As more Nigerians have attended university and private training quotes have elevated properly past the charge of inflation, admission to state universities has become extra competitive.

 Below is the list of NUC-approved Federal and state universities that offer engineering in Imo State:

  • Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO) – Federal University
  • Imo State University, Owerri (IMSU)
  • University of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (UAES) Umuagwo, Imo State.
Engineering Schools in Imo State

Federal University of Technology, Owerri (FUTO)

The vision of the School of Engineering and Engineering Technology (SEET) of FUTO is to become a Centre of excellence and quality education.

The mission of the School of Engineering & Engineering Technology is to identify scientific problems and needs of the Society and proffer solutions to them through high-skilled scientific teaching and groundbreaking research. 

The School of Engineering and Engineering Technology (SEET) was established in 1982. The School, like other schools in the University, has different program areas with specific degree programs. 

At inception, the School of Engineering and Engineering Technology had six programs namely;

  • Agricultural Engineering and Engineering Technology
  • Petroleum Engineering and Engineering Technology
  • Civil Engineering and Engineering Technology
  • Electrical/Electronic Engineering and Engineering Technology
  • Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Technology
  • Materials and Metallurgical Engineering and Engineering Technology

The School has grown over the years to its current capacity of 10 Departments. The School was established to provide in-depth academic/practical training in the student’s professional area of interest with extensive practical exposure to broad Engineering discipline and practical Engineering Techniques to produce graduates that are sound in their professional field while possessing easily identifiable and readily applicable expertise.

To broaden and increase the horizon of their academic and practical training, the students are exposed to courses in social sciences, humanities, and management during their stay in the University. 

There are presently 10 program areas/departments that make up the School of Engineering and Engineering Technology. They are as follows:

  • Agricultural and Bioresource Engineering (ABE)
  • Biomedical Engineering (BME)
  • Chemical Engineering (CHE)
  • Civil Engineering (CIE)
  • Food Science and Technology (FST)
  • Materials and Metallurgical Engineering (MME)
  • Mechanical Engineering (MEE)
  • Mechatronics Engineering (MCE)
  • Petroleum Engineering (PET)
  • Polymer and Textile Engineering (PTE)

The various departments also offer postgraduate degrees such as PGD, M.Eng, M.Sc, and PhD.

The faculty is currently housed inside the Engineering complex constructing. Even though some departments like Chemical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, and Petroleum Engineering are resident in their buildings. Administratively, the school is headed utilizing the Dean who’s assisted using the companion Dean, with the Heads of diverse Departments inside the college coordinating the affairs of the departments and reporting to the dean. The Dean additionally has a retinue of administrative officials and their aid staff in his crew.

Currently, the cut-off mark for engineering courses in the Federal University of Technology is 160 and above. Candidates are advised to choose FUTO as their first choice to be eligible for admission. The tuition fee of N61,340, excluding accommodation, acceptance fees, etc.  


Imo State University, Owerri

Imo State University has a wide range of resources and engineering heritage and currently offers a wide variety of engineering courses spread across five departments that will empower you to face the future with a class. 

Imo State University is committed to instructional improvement and has performed a pivotal function in offering university training for its citizens.

A preference for development and improvement drives the thirst for knowledge in the Imo kingdom, and this paperwork the idea for the college’s imaginative and prescient, task, philosophy, and goals.

The university is liable for generating manpower to boost national development and make certain that the Imo people are competitive inside the Niger Delta oil-producing region of Nigeria.

The university shares this responsibility with the federal university placed within the state. Because the range of candidates keeps to growth, the university should keep its recognition of excellence and best.
To reap this intention, the college has developed its project, vision, and goals in keeping with the principles mentioned in its strategic plans.

These are the engineering courses offered in Imo State University;

  • Agricultural Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Civil Engineering
  • Mechanical engineering 

A cut-off mark of 220 and above is needed to gain admission to Imo State University to study any engineering course. The tuition fee of N97,000 is paid excluding accommodation and other expenses.


University of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Umuagwo

The University of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences (UAES) Umuagwo, is a public college established by using the act of Imo State Parliament law No. 4 of 2019. The established order of this university became a direct response of the government of Imo state to the burning desire for extra credible tertiary establishments that had to address the yearnings of the teeming youths of Imo state and the wider South-eastern Nigeria needing qualitative third-stage schooling.

The imaginative and prescient of the University of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences is ‘to come to be a leader in the discovery, dissemination, and alertness of recent knowledge in areas of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences for the development of self and society’. 

The mission of the school is ‘to offer top-notch and conducive surroundings for teaching, gaining knowledge of, research, and providers that shall be famed, outstanding and attractive nationally and the world over.’ Its motto is innovation, excellence, and service.

The faculty of Engineering is composed of 5 departments, and every department is handled by experts with numerous years of experience. The University of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences Umuagwo currently offers B.Eng in Engineering. That is a four-year observation program with hands-on experience. 

Engineering Schools in Imo State
Engineering Schools in Imo State

The five (5) departments in the Faculty of Engineering are listed below:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Water and Irrigation Engineering
  • Mechanical Engineering
  • Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • Chemical and Petroleum Engineering

School fees of N120,000 to N150,000 are paid as an indigene and N140,000 to N180,000 as a non-indigene, depending on the course and level of study. A minimum score of 140 in jamb is required to gain admission to the university.

Candidates who did not choose UAES as their first choice University but scored the required cut-off mark can also apply on the condition that they visit the JAMB website for a change of Institution.



This is the list of universities that offer engineering in Imo state. When considering studying engineering in any Imo state university, carefully read their requirements and application processes before applying. Tuition fees differ for federal and state universities with other expenses like acceptance fees, accommodations for schools that have hostels, library cards, etc.


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