Top Catering Schools Near Me – 100+ Best Catering Schools in Nigeria

Have you discovered your interest? does it align with cooking, design, and services? ready to hone this interest and land jobs as a professional chef, baker, and kitchen manager? Now, let’s look out for the catering schools near me.

Cooking and serving food for private or public gatherings is known as catering. Catering means serving a large number of people delicious food that has been specially prepared with them in mind, in a more appropriate and welcoming manner.

Institutions that train people to become competent, professional chefs are known as catering schools. To prepare their students, catering schools encompass a wide range of learning activities; they don’t just teach cooking.

Catering schools go as far as teaching students enrolled with them how to be chefs, bakers, designers, kitchen managers, and professional food vendors, with innovative mindsets.

This article covers all the catering schools near me, kindly check out these catering schools and kickstart your career as a chef.

List of Catering Schools Near Me

If you want to learn and advance in the culinary industry, pick reputable and interesting catering schools in your state or neighborhood and apply.

Abia State is located in the Southeast Geopolitical zone of Nigeria, with its capital being Umuahia. Abia houses a popular and populated market in the southeast known as the Ariaria market, the market is located in Aba, a well-known city in the southeast and beyond as a commercial center.

Catering Schools Near Me – Catering Schools in Abia State

  • Rhema School of Catering
  • Shekinah School of Catering, Hotel Management, and Fashion Design.
  • Amanda Catering School
  • Hosanna School of Catering and Services
  • KCE Culinary Art Schools
  • LA’Fresh Culinary Academy
  • JIREH School of Catering & Events Planning

Anambra State is a state located in the southeastern region of the country. Anambra is known in Nigeria. ‘Onitsha’ one of the most popular cities in Nigeria is located in Anambra state, Onitsha is a place where buying and selling of different kinds of goods and services takes place. The capital of Anambra State is Awka.

Catering Schools Near Me – Catering Schools in Anambra State

  • Falex School of Professional Education
  • All Saints School of Vocational Studies Nnewi
  • Macynths Culinary School
  • Mary Summer Vocational Institute Awka
  • Smart Culinary Arts Awka
  • St Ritas Institute of Catering and Management
  • BakeCulinary Academy Max Business School

Imo State is a state located in the South-East geopolitical zone of Nigeria. There are many beautiful things about this state. The state houses many fast foods and known local and foreign restaurants. The state’s capital is Owerri, one of the popular cities in Nigeria

Catering Schools Near Me – Catering Schools in Imo State

  • Hosanna School of Catering & Fashion Design
  • Evette Institute of Catering, Hotel Management & Fashion Design
  • Brainfield Skills Arena
  • Geodora Catering School
  • Catering school, Irete
  • Hosanna School of Catering and Fashion Design
  • Qualitystreet school of Events and catering Arts
  • Modern School of Catering, Hotel Management, Craft&Fashion Designing- MOSCO
  • La Olla Caliente Culinary Academy
  • Ujudine Training & Catering Services

Enugu State is a state located in the South-East geopolitical zone of Nigeria. The capital of Enugu is Enugu. The state is one of the well-known six states in south-east Nigeria.

Catering Schools Near Me – Catering Schools in Enugu

  • Mary J.C Catering and Skill Acquisition Center
  • Fel-Austin Catering School
  • KK’s and Val’s Palace Catering School
  • Ifyon Catering Services Limited
  • Memorable Moments Culinary Arts
  • Chisom Comprehensive Catering Institute
  • National Institute For Hospitality and Tourism
  • Lantana Catering School Limited
  • Nwandu Memorial Institute, School of Catering and Hotel Management

Ebonyi State is a state located in the South-East geopolitical zone of Nigeria. Ebonyi state is one of the fast-developing states in Nigeria and it houses schools that teach students the art of cooking and becoming professional chefs.

Catering Schools Near Me – Catering Schools in Ebonyi State

  • Pat Catering School & Fashion World
  • Pacific Institute for Catering and Hotel Management
  • G&C school of catering and fashion

As the nation’s capital, Abuja is a well-known city in Nigeria. Numerous reputable catering schools in Abuja offer courses on both domestic and international cuisines. You would love to expand your culinary horizons in Abuja, I assure you!.

Catering Schools Near Me – Catering schools in Abuja

  • Kays Training School
  • Mix n Bake School
  • Andoc Catering and Skill Acquisition Institute
  • Joeskem Training School
  • Red Dish Chronicles Culinary School
  • Topkraft Culinary Academy 
  • Cordon Blew Catering Services & Training School
  • De Praise Catering Services School
  • Dechef’s Catering School
  • Doccinn Concept Cake Baking & Decorating School
  • Hand Catering Training School
  • Lydda Cake Baking and Decorating School
  • Vios Catering Academy
  • SandysKitchen
  • Pristine Culinary Catering School
  • Owende Catering School
  • Abuja Culinary School
  • Mastermind Catering School
  • Oceanic Catering Nigeria Limited
  • Issy Catering Academy
  • Gilead Culinary Academy
  • Urbanhands Culinary School
  • Unique Dish Catering School
  • Lovesgateau Catering and Cooking School
  • AAA Events Academy Abuja
  • Svaadisht Cookery School and Catering Services
  • Merchant Vessel Culinary Art School 1 and Entrepreneurship
  • THE BLUE RIBBON Culinary Arts Institute
  • Culinary Mastery Academy
Catering Schools Near Me

Lagos State is located in the Southwestern part of Nigeria. It is the most populous and busy state in the country. Lagos is beautiful and houses the most successful businesses and companies in Nigeria. It is a fast-growing state known both in Nigeria and beyond. There are many catering schools in Lagos, training and producing highly qualified chefs who are taking over the culinary field in Nigeria and beyond.

Catering Schools Near Me – Catering Schools in Lagos State

  • May’s Kitchen and DL Catering School
  • MOJ Catering and Hospitality
  • Tina Catering School
  • Yetkem Institute of Catering & Hotel Management
  • Cakes and Kitchen Affairs Ventures Catering School
  • Lick & Sweet Catering School
  • Liomaryn Confectionery & Catering Services
  • Max Kitchen Catering Services & Culinary School
  • National Institute for Hospitality & Tourism
  • PrettyDreams School of Catering and Events Management
  • Crumbles Chef Academy
  • Blossom Events Institute School of Catering & Event Management
  • Double Portions Culinary School
  • El – Royalties Catering Institute
  • The Sense of Taste Catering School
  • Precastle Catering Institute
  • Wavecrest College of Hospitality
  • Victory Institute of Catering and Hotel Management
  • Field of Skills and Dreams VTE Academy

Akwa Ibom is located in the south-south geopolitical zone of Nigeria. The state is one of the most peaceful states in Nigeria and it is among the rapidly developing states in Nigeria. The capital of Akwa Ibom state is Uyo.

Catering Schools Near Me – Catering Schools in Akwa Ibom

  • Professional Catering Schools
  • Akwa Ibom State Polytechnic Department of Hotel Management and Catering Management

In the center of the Niger Delta, in the South-South area of Nigeria, sits the state of Bayelsa. It is the state where oil was first found in Nigeria, and the petroleum industry currently controls most of it.

Catering Schools Near Me – Catering Schools in Bayelsa

  • Spice Catering School and Services Limited
  • Flourish Catering and Decoration School Enterprise
  • TD Catering School Enterprise

Benue State is a North Central state in Nigeria. Because of its abundant agricultural output, which includes yams, rice, beans, cassava, potatoes, maize, soybeans, sorghum, millet, and cocoyam, Benue State is known as the nation’s “Food Basket.”

Catering Schools Near Me – Catering Schools in Benue State

  • Muma Culinary School
  • Doms Delight Training School
  • Sope Trading and Catering School

Catering Schools in Cross River

Nigeria’s Cross River state is located in the South-South geopolitical zone. This state’s capital is Calabar. The city is well-known throughout the South-South and beyond because of its quick infrastructure development and rapid development.

Catering Schools Near Me – Catering Schools in Cross River

  • Nico School of Catering and Hotel Management
  • Elinor Catering School
  • Ice-Genius Culinary Academy
  • Eskon Catering School in Calabar

Delta State is located in the South-South part of Nigeria. The capital of Delta State is Asaba, the state is an oil and agricultural-producing state. There are good catering schools in Delta for interested persons.

Catering Schools Near Me – Catering Schools in Delta State

  • Peace Catering School Asaba
  • Styda Culinary Academy
  • Whiteberg Catering School Asaba
  • Sheroda Catering School
  • House of Jed baking/catering School
  • Wecook Institute of Catering And Hotel Management
  • Golden Recipe Confectionery and Catering School
  • Whiteberg Catering School

The catering is the list of catering schools near me, although not all the schools are listed here because they dont have an online presence and as such there is likely no means of reaching them. If you own a catering school in any of the states listed in this article and you want to be included, please kindly indicate that in the comment section.

Interested individuals should feel free to drop their questions in the comment section for more clarification or email us at

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