Universities Offering Pharmacy in Lagos State – Best Universities to Study Pharmacy in Lagos State, Nigeria

In this article, we have compiled a list of universities offering pharmacy in Lagos State for students interested in studying pharmacy in Lagos State, Nigeria.

Pharmacy can be defined as a profession concerned with animals, minerals, microorganisms, and Synthetic products. Pharmacy studies the preparation and use of medicine, the art and science of pharmacy are suitable for the treatment and prevention of diseases supplies, and drugs. 

As an aspiring pharmacist, you must possess some basic skills that will help you adapt to the learning environment fast. These skills include; multi-tasking, great analytical skills, paying attention to detail, management skills, and strong skills in mathematics and science.

Skills are essential for productivity and advancement in pharmacy practice. With these skills, you can work effectively and achieve your career goals. As you practice, you can learn and develop your skills as a pharmacist.

Studying pharmacy in Lagos state is a great thing to do, the course is very lucrative and has numerous career opportunities in Nigeria and across the globe.

Our Research shows only three (3) universities offer pharmacy in Lagos State, Nigeria and they are NUC-approved universities.

List of Universities Offering Pharmacy in Lagos State

Many universities in Lagos State offer health courses but only a few offer pharmacy or, should I say are accredited to offer pharmacy.

The following schools below are the accredited universities offering pharmacy in Lagos State.

  • University of Lagos (UNILAG)
  • Lagos State University (LASU)
  • Eko Medicine and Health Sciences University

#1. University of Lagos 

The Faculty of Pharmacy in UNILAG was established in 1980 as a school within the Faculty of Medicine of the University of Lagos. The main departments are the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Technology, the Department of Medicinal Chemistry, and the Department of Pharmacognosy.

The faculty was later transformed into four departments: the Department of Medicinal Chemistry, the Department of Pharmacognosy, the Department of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Processing, and the Department of Clinical Pharmacy and Biopharmaceutics. The Faculty of Pharmacy graduated its first Bachelor of Pharmacy in September 1984.

The philosophy of the faculty is to establish a standard and quality pharmacy education that the student must provide and succeed in pharmacy service in various fields. That includes purchasing, storing, dispensing, preparing, mixing, packaging, and reviewing patients’ medication while educating patients on the proper use of medicines and prescribing information to other healthcare providers (such as doctors), Collecting and analyzing information from patients, other physicians, data, and experiences to aid clinical decision-making and review research data to manage and increase intelligence.

This faculty is growing rapidly, The benefits achieved by the UNILAG Faculty of Pharmacy with the support and encouragement of school authorities to maintain the quality of education are the contribution of teachers to the success of school policy and university management, provision of teaching and research equipment and other laboratory equipment

At the University of Lagos, academic staff development is important. The Faculty of Pharmacy also prepares people for many aspects of the country’s economy and growing economy. The university’s academic staff and researchers met expectations by winning many awards.

The mission and vision of the Pharmacy department UNILAG is to be the foundation of human resources development for Nigeria’s healthcare needs and supply, pharmaceuticals, and human capital. To be a university that trains pharmacists and pharmaceutical scientists at undergraduate and graduate levels through education, research, character, and service to humanity.

The University is recognized for excellence and leadership in research, teaching, and community development, with its well-equipped laboratory of modern equipment providing students with its experienced staff. The university also collaborates with the private sector to provide infrastructure. It also has a well-maintained library to solve user problems.

Universities Offering Pharmacy in Lagos State
Universities Offering Pharmacy in Lagos State

Here are the departments in the faculty of pharmacy at the University of Lagos;

  • Pharmaceutical science
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Pharmacognosy
  • Pharmaceutics & Pharmaceutical Technology
  • Pharmaceutical Chemistry
  • Clinical Pharmacy & Bio pharmacy
  • Pharmacy practice and management 

Candidates must possess 5 credit grades in any accredited O-level examination, including mathematics, English language, chemistry, and other relevant subjects. Candidates are advised to choose UNILAG as their first school of choice, scoring at least 200 in JAMB and 76.75 in the school post-examination.

The tuition fee of N170, 250 for new students, and N120, 250 for old students is paid, please note that this fee does not include acceptance fees, accommodation, and other expenses, and it tends to change.

Read more to find other amazing stuff about pharmacy in UNILAG and apply

#2. Lagos state university 

Lagos State University (LASU), located in Ojo, was established in 1983 as a public university under the Lagos State constitution. The institution was founded with the vision of progress in education and quality education, the University has always fulfilled its mission to be a center of learning, a community effective in teaching, research, and human services, and a community that supports the advancement of humanity and agents of development.

From mid-1984, the Lagos State Government continued to use the system to establish a relationship between teaching and research at the new university. Create the Faculty of Law and Humanities, the School of Education, and the School of Science and plan to enroll no more than 1,000 students. However, this number was reduced to five hundred due to the new nature of the school and the lack of facilities to handle such a large number of students. Lagos State University was established in October 1984 with an initial staff of 55 academic staff, 37 senior administrators and staff, 375 undergraduate students, and 200 Preparatory Science (PDS) students.

The administrative structure of this university is based on the cooperation of various institutions and offices, including Education, Academic Planning, General Affairs, Academic and Student Affairs, Senior Staff and Health, and Assistant Staff formation, and training. Other organizations of the University Administration are Operations and Services, Medical Center, Multimedia Center, Information Department, and Security Department. LASU is a state university in Lagos that offers pharmacology instead of pharmacy.

This university has consistently fulfilled its mission through teaching, research, and human service.

At Lagos State University, pharmacology is a course similar to pharmacy and LASU offers pharmacology. To be eligible for admission to LASU, candidates must choose LASU as their first choice of institution, candidates must have at least a 5 credit pass in the O’ level examination, including English language, mathematics, chemistry, and other relevant subjects. Candidates must have at least 180 in the recent JAMB examination. 

The updated tuition fee for LASU ranges from N90,000 to N180,000 for new students and N58,000 to N151,000 for old students. Please note that the fees above do not include other expenses like accommodation and acceptance fees, and they tend to change as you progress in your course of study.

Read more about pharmacology at LASU and apply

#3. Eko Medicine and Health Sciences University 

Eko Medicine and Health Sciences University (EkoUNIMED) is a specialized, private, non-denominational medical institution.

EkoUNIMED stands for excellence and compassion, not just a university but a highly specialized university, a leading private medical university not only in Nigeria but also in West Africa. To create a global customer base that can overcome the challenges. The University offers medicine and surgery, nursing science, dentistry and dental surgery, and information and communication technology among other medical courses.

Eko Medicine and Health Sciences University offers pharmacology in place of pharmacy. Through the research centers, the teachers participate in research that supports development in collaboration with organizations across the globe.

Many Nigerian and international institutions seek to associate themselves with the Eco School of Medicine and Health Sciences (EkoUNIMED). As a specialized university, they plan various agreements for student exchange, faculty, and joint research with universities in Africa, America, Europe, the Middle East, and Asia.

The institution’s main goal is to provide competitive and talented graduates with ethical standards in medicine and healthcare. They ensure high standards of teaching and learning to all, regardless of race, tribe, religion, or political affiliation, by providing service and quality services as well as appropriate facilities and qualified and competent staff.

At Eko UNIMED, pharmacy is also known as pharmacology under basic medical science.

Candidates must have at least 5 credit passes in any O-level examination, including English language, mathematics, chemistry, and other relevant subjects. Candidates are to choose Eko UNIMED as their first choice of institution to be eligible for admission, candidates must also have at least a total score of 200 in a recent JAMB examination.

The tuition fee in Eko UNIMED for new students is N475,500 and N458,000 for old students. The tuition fees tend to change as you progress in your course of study and the fee above does not include other expenses like acceptance fees and accommodation fees. Only candidates of 16 years and above will be eligible for admission, NOTE; pharmacology in Eko UNIMED is a 4-year course.

Read more to find other amazing stuff about pharmacology at Eko UNIMED


This article contains a definition of pharmacy and pharmacology, the basic skills needed to study pharmacy, and the list of universities in Lagos that offer pharmacy and pharmacology. You are advised to carefully pay attention to the details of each school and apply to a school of your choice. Good luck!!

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Universities Offering Pharmacy in Lagos State

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