15 Best Medical Schools in Europe 2023

Are you in search of the best medical schools in Europe? This article will give you detailed information about the medical schools in Europe for domestic and international students who wish to obtain bachelor’s, master’s, Ph.D., or post-doctorate degrees from a European university.

The QS world university rankings revealed that most of the highest-ranking universities in the world are located in Europe.

Medical courses are probably one of the most versatile fields that can be studied anywhere in the world. Studying medicine in Europe will be a good decision, this is because as an international student, you have plenty of options which include flexible/different teaching styles, cultures, and entry requirements.

Unlike the US medical programs that take about 11-15 years, these medical schools in Europe usually run for 8-10 years of study.

How many years does it take to study medicine in Europe for international students?

It takes about 6 years to complete medical courses in Europe. But the 6 years isn’t guaranteed, some of the medical courses can be extended to 8-11 years of study.

What is the average salary of a doctor in Europe?

The average salary of a medical doctor in Europe is $185,000 but some doctors earn higher in most cases. The salary of doctors varies in Europe and beyond, that’s due to the fact doctors are been paid according to their department and level in the medical field.

That is to say, the average salary of a medical doctor is likely to be under or above $185,000 in Europe.

Are there scholarships available in medical schools in Europe?

There are varieties of scholarships, student loans, state and federal grants, and other financial aids available to both domestic and international students in all the medical schools listed below.

To know how all these are been administered, aspirants advised to visit the school website through the links provided under each school so they can be able to access the scholarships and other financial aids available in each school and also know the category they fall into.

List of Medical Schools in Europe

Intensive research carried out revealed most of the best medical schools in Europe for domestic students and international students that want to study abroad. Below is the list of the most prestigious universities in Europe with respect to medical courses.

University of Oxford

This is a prestigious university in Europe located in Oxford, England, It is among the world’s best universities. Oxford admits over 25,000 students annually and has maintained the first position in the world rankings for 2017, 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2022 according to (THE) World University Ranking.

This university is a collegiate research university that was established in 1096, It is the world’s second-oldest university in continuous operation and the oldest university in the English-speaking world.

The university stands a great chance on the list of the largest universities in the world, it is made of 36 semi-autonomous consistuent colleges and 6 permanent private halls, and a wide range of academic departments.

With its buildings and facilities scattered throughout the city center, this university operates the world’s oldest university museum, the world’s largest university press, and the biggest academic library system nationwide.

The medical Science departments at Oxford university include; the Department of Biochemistry, Nuffield Department of Clinical Medicine, Nuffield Department of Clinical Neurosciences, Department of Medicine, Radcliffe Department of Oncology, Department of Orthopaedics, Rheumatology and Musculoskeletal Sciences, Nuffield Department of Paediatrics, Department of Pathology, Sir William School of Pharmacology, Department of Physiology, Department of Physiology, Anatomy, and Genetic, Department of Population Health, Nuffield Department of Primary Care Health Sciences, Department of Psychiatry, Department of Surgical Sciences, Nuffield Department of Women’s & Reproductive Health.

Tuition: £9,250

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Imperial College London

This is one of the best medical schools in Europe and is currently the only university in the UK that focuses exclusively on medicine, science, business, and engineering.

This college was established in 1907 as a public research university in London, United Kingdom. The Imperial school of medicine was formed by merging St Mary’s Hospital Medical School.

This prestigious college ranks first in the UK for research outputs, research environment, and research impact among Russel Group universities.

Through life-changing education and informative innovation, Imperial helps students realize their ambitions which helps them to deliver transformative impact for a societal benefit on a global scale.

As a student of Imperial College, the life-changing education offered will prepare you to lead, innovate and drive change to improve the activities of the world.

Tuition: £ 9,250

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University of Munich

LMU is a leading university in Europe and also among the best universities in Europe that offer medical courses.

This university is highly rated in Europe and has built a solid reputation as a dependable source of medical education.

It is currently one of the most internationally renowned universities in Germany that helps students to gain first-hand, practical experience as they advance in their field 0f study.

LMU was established in 1472 and is located in Munich, Bavaria, Germany. Their medical programs are interdisciplinary, research, and competency-oriented.

Tuition: $1,000

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London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

This is a public university of Bloomsbury, Central London renowned for its research, postgraduate studies, and continuing education in public and global health.

The London school of hygiene and tropical medicine was founded in 1899 by Sir Patrick Manson. Since its establishment, it has become one of the most highly prestigious institutions in global rankings in the fields of public health and infectious diseases.

There are three different health faculties in LSHTM that works tremendously to provide the best cure for diseases affecting humans, the Faculty of Epidemiology and Population Health, the Faculty of Infectious and Tropical Diseases, Faculty of Public Health and Policy.

This is one of the best medical schools in Europe you can enroll yourself or your ward into to join the community of medical professionals aiming to improve global health through research, teaching, and provi9sion of advice in health policy, systems, and services.

Tuition: $12,330

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University of Cambridge

This university is a globally diverse institution that admits over 20,000 students annually, their students come from over 141 different countries to study at this great university that sits at the heart of one of the world’s largest technology clusters.

They offer undergraduate programs, graduate programs, postgraduate programs, continuing education, and executive and professional courses.

Cambridge is not all about education, this great institution helps its students to learn and master business algidity education that is being offered which is a global reputation for innovation.

Established in 1209, this university holds the position of the fourth-oldest university in the world, it is made up of 31 colleges, six schools, and over 150 departments and faculties,

If you are in look for the best university in Europe to study medical courses, Cambridge university is a front-line university for these professional courses as they are set to contribute to society through education, learning, and research at the highest international levels of excellence,

Studying at Cambridge is more like a dream come true, students are provided with job placement, and they also get to rest and play in a conducive academic environment bounded with love and fairness to one another irrespective of race, culture, color, and age.

Numerous medical courses are been offered in this citadel of learning and they make sure students achieve their academic pursuits and also reach their full potential,

Tuition: £9,250

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University of Glasgow

This is one of the best medical schools in Europe. It is a public research university located in Glasgow, Scotland. It is the second-oldest university in Scotland and the fourth-oldest in the English-speaking world.

This university was founded in 1451 and formally educates only students from rich and wealthy backgrounds but currently educating students from the urban and commercial middle class.

The medical schools of Glasglow under their College of Medical, Veterinary & Life Sciences usually rank 3rd, 4th, or 5th in the Uk.

This medical college is set to transform lives by tackling the major biomedical and life science challenges of the 21st century both locally and globally.

The teaching and learning process of this university is one of the best in Europe due to the way they deliver internationally leading research and outstanding education to future world-changing students.

Tuition: £19, 920 (EU & international students)

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University of Edinburgh

The next in line of the cheapest universities in Europe is the university of Edinburgh established in 1583 as a public research university located in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.

It is an ancient university and one of the best universities to study medical courses in Europe, over 60,000 students gain admission into this school annually making it the second most popular university in the UK by volume of applications and the 8th largest university in Europe based on enrollment.

The College of Medicine & Veterinary Medicine of this university comprises two medical schools; The Edinburgh School and the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies,

Vets scientists, medics, and biomedical scientists of this university work together to study diseases and common causes of diseases through which they have impacted over 100 countries including countries.

In recent years, the Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies of this university has out-ranked other schools to attain a position of a world leader in veterinary education in both research and clinical practice at the undergraduate and postgraduate levels.

Tuition: £9,250

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Queen Mary University of London

This is one of the best medical schools in Europe working towards achieving the highest standards in research in other to make a real impact on health-related crises for the benefit of the local and global populations.

Queen’s department of dentistry was ranked first in the latest QS World University Rankings and their medicine was ranked fourth in the university.

This university was established in 1785 and it currently operates across five campuses in London with over 32,000 students on degree programmes and about 5,000 staff members.

They accept over 40% of international students, if you are an international student in search of the best university to study medical courses in Europe it’s recommended you apply to Queen’s University for easy admission.

Tuition: £9,250

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The University of Manchester

This is an award-winning university located in Manchester, England, United Kingdom. Manchester is an award-winning institution and world-class research university.

Students of Manchester are equipped with an outstanding learning experience that helps students discover their full potential and reach their goals.

This university has the most outstanding facilities and widest range of courses in England and that has made it to be a well-recognized and respected university across the globe as a center of excellent teachings and innovative research.

Enrolling in the university of manchester is a good decision, the school encourages creative approaches to curricula and assessments and they also introduce the latest disciplinary and interdisciplinary research into their programmes.

Staff 0f this university are also recognized and rewarded for their incredible work su[ported in their development through the Advance HE-accredited schemes and vaster provisions at School, cross-university, and faculty levels.

The medical school of Manchester develops and delivers the highest quality education and training for health professionals and life scientists in partnership with other known medical sectors in other to innovate and improve the health of people around the world.

Their medical faculty known as the Faculty of Biology, Medicine, and Health are further divided into three schools, the school of biological sciences, the school of medical sciences, and the school of health sciences.

Tuition: £26,000

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University College London

UCL as it is called is the second-largest public research university in London by total enrollment and it also enrolls the highest number of postgraduates in London.

This university was established in 1826. It is located in London, England, and the first university to welcome students of any religion in England and also the first to welcome women to university education in England.

UCL is recognized as a world leader in medical education and its aim is to help students become leaders in their medical fields, the university is home to influential researchers in Cancer, Genetics, and Surgery among many others.

Medical students of this school are been provided with the highest quality education and training by professionals and a dedicated team of teachers.

UCL Faculty of Medical Sciences ranks 7th in the world for Medicine and number one in London by subjects according to the QS World University Rankings 2022. They have been educating doctors and scientists in London since 1834 and are currently at the top for research power in life and medical sciences.

Tuition: £9,250 

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Charité – Universitätsmedizin Berlin, Germany

Charite is one of the most research-intensive universities in Europe and also one of the largest university hospitals in Europe. This university has won numerous awards in the recent year in psychology or medicine for its outstanding clinical care, research and teachings, and training.

Medical training at Charite university is been delivered by physicians and researchers of the highest international standard, the university is affiliated with Humbolt University and Free University Berlin and operates on four campuses with over 100 departments and institutes.

Campus Benjamin Franklin (CBF), Campus Charite Mitte (ccm), Campus Virchow-Klinikum (CVK), and Campus Berlin Buch (CBB) are the four campuses that makeup Charité – Universitätsmedizin.

At the Berlin Institute of Health, medical professionals work hard to deliver medical benefits to patients and the population at large by transferring biomedical research findings into novel approaches to personalize prediction, prevention, diagnostics, and therapy by using clinical observations to develop new research ideas.

The aim of this approach is to create a system-wide understanding of health and diseases and also promote biomedical research culture in the nation.

Charité – Universitätsmedizin is the best place to study medicine in Europe.

Tuition: 2,500 per semester

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Heidelberg University, Germany

Heidelberg is the oldest university in Germany and also one of the strongest public research universities in Europe. This university was established in 1386 and is located at Heidelberg, Baden-Wurttemberg, Germany.

It is one of the oldest surviving universities in the world. It is made up of 12 faculties and offers undergraduate, graduate, and postdoctoral degrees in some 100 disciplines.

Heidelberg is one of the best and most recommended medical schools in Europe for both domestic and international students. It used to be a university of the rich some years back but it is currently among the most affordable institutions in Europe in the 21st century.

The university relies on research-based teaching and outstanding, well-structured training for doctoral candidates.

Tuition: $33,600

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Karolinska Institute

This university is a single center of academic research in Europe and probably the largest as well. A wide range of medical courses and programs are been offered at this institution.

This research-led university was founded in 1810 and is located in Solna, Stockholm County, Sweden. It is the third oldest medical school established in Sweden and holds about 30% of the medical training and 0over 40% of all academic medical and life science research conducted in Sweden.

This institute comprises 22 different medical departments and ranks 1st in Sweden, 3rd in Europe, and 5th in the world according to QS World University Rankings of 2020.

Karolinska is set to advance knowledge about life and strive toward better health for all humans irrespective of race and culture.

Tuition: 19,369

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Erasmus University Rotterdam

This is a public university in Rotterdam, Netherlands established in 1913 well known in the Netherlands for its foremost academic medical centers and trauma centers.

There are seven faculties in this school but it focuses mainly on Health, Wealth, Governance, and Culture. The Economics and Business school is well recognized in Europe and beyond for its impact on the country.

The university offers undergraduate, and graduate studies, master’s programmes, research masters programmes, post-experiences and proffesi0oonal masters programmes, doctorate programmes, and research doctorates programmes.

Erasmus has five campuses, four are located in Rotterdam and one is located in The Hague. And the business school is one of the best in Europe and has achieved triple accreditation from international accrediting bodies of management education.

Their medical Genetics Centre South-West Netherlands is among the top research center for developmental and Biomedical Genetics.

Tuition: €24,000- €27,000

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University of Paris

This is an ancient university and among the best universities to study medicine in Europe. The university is one of the most comprehensive and ambitious educational offerings currently available in the world.

This university was founded in 1150 and since then it has been providing students with transformative and innovative educational programmes through its cutting-edge research that empowers students and staff to make a positive impact in the highly demanding 21st century.

As a part of the incarnation of a world city aware of its place and mission, the University of Paris is open to both international and local students irrespective of culture, background, race, and religion.

Their academic focus is mainly on Arts, Humanities, and Languages; Human, Economic, and Social Sciences; Science and Technology; Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, and Nursing.

Its medical sector is one of the most rated in Europe and beyond

Tuition: $170- 3,770

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There are many other prestigious universities in Europe that are good at medical courses, the information above is based on the most consistently ranking medical schools in Europe.

Kindly visit the website of each school to get a piece of detailed information regarding their tuition and acceptance fees as most of the tuition varies according to course of study, nationality, and origin.


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